Verify your Paypal with Payoneer MasterCard and Get a $25 bonus - (Part 1)

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Payoneer is an Internet-based financial services business that allows users to transfer money and receive payments through re-loadable prepaid MasterCard. Most of the online workers go for a Payoneer MasterCard because it is really easy and convenient.

This prepaid MasterCard offered by Payoneer Affiliate works like any other MasterCard and it is accepted in all locations where MasterCard is accepted. You can use this card at any point of sale location to make purchases. On the other hand you can use this at any ATM where MasterCard is allowed to withdraw money in your local currency though the account is maintained in US dollars (USD).

In this tutorial, I'm going to tell you how to apply for a Payoneer MasterCard, verify your Paypal with your Payoneer MasterCard and load it with Paypal/Moneybookers or CreditCard.

First let's apply for a Payoneer MasterCard. Note that you can have a $25 bonus when your card balance loaded with $100. But to get this you need to register yourself under a Payoneer Affiliate. Then both the affiliate and you, will get $25 each when the account balance reaches $100.

To get that $25 bonus click on the below banner and Sign up for a new MasterCard.

Refer a friend and get $25 bonus

Now you have to fill the details. Make sure that you give correct information in order to avoid your application being rejected. Please give more attention to the below message as it is more important when it comes to verifying your account ownership.

IMPORTANT: Write down your (1) e-mail address, (2) phone number, (3) password, and (4) secure answer. You will need these to access your account and contact Customer Support later.

Once you fill the correct details and submit your MasterCard application form, you will receive a confirmation email that the registration is completed. This is a three step process. When Payoneer team check your application and make sure you are not an existing member, they will send you an email informing your US Payment Service information and a link pointing to upload your verification documents.

To verify this you will need scan your National Identity Card, Drivers License or Passport and upload it to the website. If you are having problem with scanning these, still you can upload a clear photograph of either documents mentioned above. If everything is okay, you will get an email mentioning your debit card delivery date.

Now you have to wait till your MasterCard arrives. Once you got the card, the account verification process can be done using the card. The tutorial on account verification will be published as the 2nd part of this tutorial.

Content Writing – Why is it so important?

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Content writing is very important to get more organic traffic to your website. Content Writing in simple words is writing content relevant to the user websites. If you pay thousands for the designing of your company’s website, than you should pay equally for the content writing, as both are equally important for increasing visitors to your site. The content of the website should be to the point and crisp to get attention of the reader, and at the same time it must cover the topic. If your website content is not up to the mark, it may lead down your company’s business and affect your online presence as well.

Content Writing for SEO needs special efforts to make it compatible for search engines. It can be classifieds into various types such as content writing for websites, for blogs and to write a simple article to post. Content Writing is just like the lifeline for the website, on which the failure and success of the site depends. So the content should be relevant and unique for the website.

Content writing is a difficult task to do, as no one defines what good content is.
However, we can say that a good content must be unique and useful. Content of a website is created in such a way that is satisfies all the norms of the search engines.

Here are some points to keep in mind while writing content:

1. Choose unique Heading: For best content writing, you should use unique heading for your content, that will also help search engines and readers, as heading is the first thing that a reader’s eye catch, and make them curious to read your content.

2. Stay on topic: While you are writing for your business website, you should write relevant content which is up to the point.

3. Title Tags: Use title tags in your content as it is the best ways of moving your website ranking high on search engine.

4. Meta Description: Write Meta description about 150 words for your website and make sure to use keywords in it. This is the best way for search engine to optimize your website.

5. Write original content: Always write original and fresh content for your website, never write copied content as duplicate content is not allowed in SEO.

6. Choose images: You can choose images for your content to make it more interesting, but to make sure it must be relevant to the content you are providing.

While the help of these points, you can surely write a good content for your website. To have a flourishing website, you need to have sales; to get sales from your product you need to have traffic. Thus, traffic and sales are interdependent. SEO Content is rigid, to the point, cyclic. As the increasing demand of good quality content, there are many jobs available online for free lancers too. Today, Content writers are in high demand to improve the quality of the web content through general content writing and SEO content writing.

Author Bio :- Kapil Garg is the CEO & co-founder of A MBA with technology background. After working for 5 year in IT/Advertising and media I'm now with CNET Infosystem, A total web solutions provider company. Online marketing services include SEO Service India, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Lead Tracking and Reputation Management Services.

ANNO1777 - Play and Make Real Money

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There are people who love playing games. Some do it for fun. Some are addicted. What if you can earn few bucks via playing games? There are many sites which pay for play, but looks to be real scams. Those are good if you are playing as a hobby. But if you are really looking for some bucks while having a fun with games, then you should select a trusted gaming site.

Anno1777 is one of the online multiplayer strategy games where you can play directly through your browser. This strategy game stimulates a real world situation. Here you are a citizen in 18th century and you have to build your own nation. At the beginning you have to work as a slave by nature and you can gradually build yourself. You can be a governor, military person, or even an emperor depending on your skills.

Anno1777 - Payment ProofsEach one has to register as a slave under another player. This is how it works. Every country has it's virtual currency. When you work everyday, you will earn money. The virtual currency can be converted to real money. At the beginning you may see that your earnings are nothing. But you have to increase your wellness levels and economic score daily by working (working is nothing more than logging in and clicking work button) and buying things. Even you can earn gold by attacking other players and joining country wars.

In order to be a citizen and play Anno1777, you have to reach the Anno1777 site via another players link. So you can join Anno1777 by CLICKING HERE, or using the below banner.

Anno1777 : Earn Money by Playing Online Games

After you have joined work daily by logging in and working, joining attacks, building nation etc. Now Anno1777 has come up with a system to prevent multiple account sign up. It is called Cashtrusted. You can't withdraw your money if you are not verified your account at Cashtrusted. What you have to simply do is go to, create an account, verify it and add your Anno1777 login details.

Verification procedure is so simple. What you have to do is register an account at Cashtrusted. As the first step, send an SMS to the number they say with your cashtrusted username. Within few minutes you will get a code. Enter the code. Then your phone number is verified.

If you didn't get a SMS with a code, then send an email to mentioning your phone number and username. Then they will verify the first step manually.

Then you have to verify your address. They will send you a letter with a code to the mentioned address at the address verification step. The letter will arrive to your address within 5 to 20 days. Type the code in your Cashtrusted account and now you are fully verified. Now you can add your Anno1777 account at Cashtrusted with Anno1777 username and password. That's it.

Note : Even if you are still not verified, you can earn money by fighting with other players and making them your slaves. Your slaves will pay you a percentage on every income they receive depending on your wellness percentage.