MakeLinks Software : Create 140 Backlinks

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MakeLinks works by submitting your domain(s) to websites that create site profile type pages. These pages typically will contain a link on them for your site, so it is free and easy backlinks for you on known and trusted sites for the search engines to find.


You may submit 1 or more domains at a single time with MakeLinks, simply open the to_promote.txt file and put your domains (with NO http:// or www preface) in it, one domain per line. So, for an example if you wanted to submit your site to, and your list would look like this:
Be sure to leave one blank line after the last domain in your list.


You may add to the list of sites MakeLinks submits to by opening the urls.txt file and using the same url convention as the currently listed sites, i.e.:

create 140 backlinks automatically
Where [URL] will be replaced when MakeLinks runs with the domains of yours that you give the program to submit. Every site that can be submitted to will have it's own URL structure to follow, so just look at how it's made up and follow it, replacing the submitted site's domain with [URL]

After putting the site you want to promote to the to_promote.txt file, save it and run the programme. It will create backlinks and finally it will create an output file called ping_list.txt for you.

You can download the Software Below

What is SEO and why do we need it?

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Most of us have a personal blog or a small website of our own. Apart from that there are websites which are mostly established for commercial purposes. In fact people are creating content, thinking others would read it. But what if your content doesn't go to your readers due to lack of exposure?

Whatever you published, it will eventually be indexed in Search Engines. But if your content is not having enough credentials to ensure the quality to these non human engines, whole your work will be useless. If you inform others that you published something and if they know your web address exactly, then they will come and see the content. In order to inform or publicize your content proper mechanism is needed. This mechanism is known as SEO.

Simply SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

Since Search Engines being non human bots, they use algorithms to calculate the quality of the content, in order to rank your content up in the Search Engines. The ideal way to handle this information is to examine keywords that appear on a particular site. These words are then ranked and stored to fit a particular web search.

Need of SEO
In this situation, the need for SEO occurs. In other words that given the presence of a particular word or phrase on your site there is a higher chance that it will be displayed when people use a search engine.

There are many ways of doing SEO in order to make your site popular and ranked up in the Search Engines. The relevant methods will be explained with examples in future articles.