Google introduces the future Glasses working with your perceptions

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Google Corporation is now moving towards to create futuristic technical tools apart from its general internet service providing. There are two popular tools such as a vehicle which drive without a driver and a pair of spectacles which operates using artificial intelligence.

On 4th of April, the Google Corporation had launched details regarding this glasses/spectacles with a video which displaying how to operate it.

Google Glasses working with your perception
Outer appearance of this spectacles looks like a fashionable one with a rectangular glasses with a micro camera by the side. If you wear it as a normal pair of spectacles, then you can look through that rectangular glass. It displays a big screen which displays the outer environment as a background with lots of icons.

This screen just looks like a touch screen. But it is operated using eye movements. According to the video published by Google, when look upper right corner of the screen it will display a note of the day’s meetings. Then displays the options in detail. If you want to know about day’s evening whether forecast, all you have to do is looking that relevant icon or place on the screen. Then it will display whether report. Also when you receive a message from your friend it will display as a popup on the screen. To reply it you have to do is just read the reply looking at the microphone icon. Then it will type the reply message and send automatically to the recipient.

You can capture a photograph of anyplace or thing when you go outside with wearing this Google spectacle. Then you can share that photograph online through Google Plus.

These spectacles were designed and created by Google X laboratory which is a modern technical lab. This project was named as “Project Glass”.

The Project Glass researchers are argument that there is a need for getting help from others for further develop these spectacles. So the Google corporation will warmly welcome others ideas and opinions.

How to find your Blog's Feed Address and Importance of the Blog Feed

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In this post I’m intending to give you a simple, but important knowledgeable facts regarding feeds. Also this post will help you to understand how the blog syndication works with feeds.

Let’s assume you are reading many web sites such as news websites which frequently update their content. Normally you have to go these websites directly and need to look for any updates time to time. Just think about the mess you are going to face when you are reading such kind of 20 websites daily. Also it consumes much time and data when you are visiting each and every website time to time to know about updates.

How to find the feed of a blog and why it is importatnt
So the solution for the above problem is web feeds. When publishing a new content, the feed can be customized to show it's feed either completely or half or with or without images. Anyone can subscribe to a web feed. That means they can instruct their computer programs (Eg: Firefox, Akregator, FeedReader) or web programs (Eg: Google Reader) to read and store updated content in relevant websites within specific time duration. So the user can see updated web contents at once through that program.

There are many advantages in feeds. As mentioned before the users can read new updated contents without visiting the each website. Also it will inform users when the new content published and it allows users to select posts according to their interest by providing summarized feed. The most important thing is that it will protect user’s privacy. Most websites are asking your email address to send newsletters. So there’s a high possibility to receive spam emails to your email address. When you need to unsubscribe from that websites it will ask you to follow specific course of action. But there’s no such kind of hassle when you subscribe a website through web feeds. You can give up reading the feed any time when you want.

Why computer programs cannot read updated web contents without attaching a web feed? Majority of you will have this problem on your minds. The different websites have different contents from different format. There’s no specific standard for web contents so that computer programs are facing difficulties when reading those. That’s why you need web feeds. Web feeds are made according to the international standards. Web feeds have same format in every website. Therefore one program can able to read all feeds. That means feeds are a specific standard of posts which allow to display updated web contents in different web sites in the world.

It's strongly recommended you to have a web feed in your website if your website updates frequently.

Up to above point we are talking about the web feed. Have you ever thought of the meaning of the popular word called RSS? RSS is also a one kind of web feed. There’s another kind of web feed called Atom. The above two kind of web feeds have bit technical differences and will be done same kind of activities. So here I’m not going to explain it in detail. The reason for the popularity of RSS is because that it’s the older one and mostly used one in websites. The main Blog service providers such as WordPress and Blogger will provide both RSS and Atom to their blogs. But in WordPress, main feed is Atom and in the Blogger it RSS.

How to find feed address in your Blog

If your want to get RSS feed in WordPress then add "/feed/" after the end of blog url.


If you want to get Atom feed in a WordPress then add "/feed/atom/" after the end of blog url.


If you want to get Atom feed in a Blogger then add "/feeds/post/default/" after the end of blog url.


If your want to get RSS feed in Blogger then add "/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss" after the end of blog url.


Now it’s not a problem to find a feed address in your blog.

If you want to find feed address in other websites, if that websites provide web feeds then look for RSS logo or look for link such as “RSS” “Feed” “XML” “Subscribe to Feeds”.

Reveal your phone's Secrets using Secret Phone Codes

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Nowadays when using a mobile phone, there is an immense amount of services are provided by the mobile phone manufacturers as well as mobile network operators. Other than these services there are lot of technical information which are stored inside a mobile phone. Some of these information are not retrievable at once. This kind of secret information can be read by using special codes called as Secret Code. When typing these secrets codes in a mobile phone key pad then the relevant details will be displayed in a mobile phone. But these secrets code will be different from type of mobile phones.  

Mobile Phone Secret Codes
Secret codes of NOKIA phones

*#92702689# - Can get a detailed menu including duration of a mobile phone usage, manufactured year, date and selling date.
*#0000# - Can get details such as software editing number, software editing date and model of the phone.
*#7780# - Can reset the phone settings again according to the manufactured company settings.
0 - It will take to the WAP/Internet browser when pressing 0 in main display.
*#06# - Can see IMEI number

Secret codes of Sony Ericsson phones

To get a secrets menu in Sony Ericsson phones need to doing following activities using arrow keys or joysticks with a * mark.

Right * Left Left * Left * - ( Right side to joystick / astrick mark / Left side to joystick twice / astrick mark / Left side to joystick / astrick mark)
#82# - Can get software editing number and date.
0# - Can get a recently dialed phone numbers.

Secret codes of Samsung Android phones

*#*#7780#*# - Can reset the phone settings again according to the manufactured company settings.
*#*#232331#*#* - Can check Bluetooth.
*#*#0*#*#* - Can check LCD.
*#*#22663#*#* - Can check editing of the touch screen.

Secret codes of Samsung phones

*#9999# or *#0837 - Can get details such as software editing number, software editing date and model of the phone.
#9125# - Show software editing.
*#9998*246# - Show debug menu
*#9998*523# - Can check vibration.
*#8999*837# - Show hardware editing.
#*2562# or #*3849# - Can restart the phone.

Secret codes of LG phones

2945#*# or 2945#*01*# - Can get secret menu of the phones.
*#07# - Can get software editing number and date of LG B1200 phone types.
*6861# - Can reset the phone settings again according to the manufactured company settings.
2945#*# - can get software editing number.

Secret codes of Motorola phones

#02#* or *#**837# - Can know software editing.
**0102# or *#**367628# - Can reset the phone settings again according to the manufactured company settings.

Secret codes of Alcatel phones

*#06# - Can get software editing date and IMEI number.
*#4837*# or *#837# - Can get software editing and date.
###847# or *#73738# - Can reset the phone settings again according to the manufactured company settings.

Secret codes of BenQ Siemens phones

*#06# - Can get software editing date and IMEI number.
*#9999# - Can reset the phone settings again according to the manufactured company settings.

Secret codes of Blackberry Smart phones

Press R, B, V, S letters by pressing Alt key – Can see codes of a web page.
Press H letter by pressing Alt and (left) Shift key – Can get “Help me” menu.
Press Alt + (left) Shift + Del by removing battery – Can reset software.

Sometimes these codes may not work for more older versions.

Show a text in a Text Box with Select All Button

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People are always looking to make their blog look so nice and professional. In order to make it more professional, some kind of editing is needed than just using the blogger's default settings. This post shows how to highlight a particular text or highlight specific code from the rest of the texts that contain post or form the whole blog template.

This has another very important use too. For an example lets say that you have a long html/css code with you and  you need your blog readers to copy that code from your blog or your website. If the code is big enough, you readers would face a difficulty when scrolling down and coping the whole content.

But what if you can enter the whole big code in a small text box with a button to select all. Then that would be great. It will give a compact, professional looking for your blog and an easy solution to your readers as well.

For an example let's say your sidebar is 180 px wide and 200 px high and you need to insert a html code which can be copied by your readers. You may wonder how this is done. Because if you add a html code, it will be automatically converted in the html widget it self. But by this method, that is possible. Just look at the picture. The code is there in the text box. So readers can copy it and paste in their blog.

The same example is shown below as a gadget. Just have a look.

Now let's go for the code for the above widget. The code will look like below.

<form name="select">
<div align="center">
<input onclick="javascript:this.form.txt.focus();;" type="button" value="Select the Below Text" /></div><div align="center"></div>
<p align="center">
<textarea style="WIDTH: 190px; HEIGHT: 100px" name="txt" rows="100" wrap="VIRTUAL" cols="55"><a href="" target="blank"><img src="" /></a></textarea>

In the above code replace the coloured content as your requirements and add your own the widget as a html/javascript or within a post itself.

Red Coloured Content This is the name which is shown in the button.
Purple Coloured Content -  This is the height and width of the text box.
Blue Coloured ContentThis is the content in the text box.

That's it. Now you can change your long huge paragraphs into a graphical text box.