How to insert any Image into the Facebook Chat

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Recently I found out that there's a trend towards sending picture messages via Facebook chat. Earlier there wasn't any way to send a displaying picture via Facebook chat. The only option we had earlier was sending the hosted image link.But now there's a way to send images through generating a unique code.

Someone may misunderstand this with facebook smileys. But this is a small square matrix which converts into pixels and creates the image. What you have to only do is just paste the generated code in the chat bar and send.

Add any Image into the Facebook Chat
Anyway we are going to do this through a different site. The site generates the code for any of the image you want. Simply follow these few steps.

Step 1 : First go to -

Step 2 : Select the image you want to convert into FB Chat code

Step 3 : Solve the captcha puzzle and upload it.

Step 4 : Copy the generated code and send it in the chat box.

That's it. Just to check it you can check it with the following code. It's the logo of this site.

[[283625558396818]] [[283625561730151]] [[283625555063485]] [[283625548396819]] [[283625551730152]]
[[283625661730141]] [[283625668396807]] [[283625665063474]] [[283625675063473]] [[283625678396806]]
[[283625745063466]] [[283625741730133]] [[283625751730132]] [[283625748396799]] [[283625758396798]]
[[283625828396791]] [[283625815063459]] [[283625818396792]] [[283625821730125]] [[283625825063458]]
[[283625895063451]] [[283625908396783]] [[283625905063450]] [[283625901730117]] [[283625891730118]]

Happy Chatting in Facebook with your desired images.


Priyangshu Says:

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I love to post picturistic comments on Facebook and you have helped me a lot in this.Thank you.
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