Top 5 Favourite Games of Windows Phone Users

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Windows Phone is not torrent for the games actually but you can find many interesting games that will pass your time when you feel bored. In this techieplaza post I have tried to list the most famous games highly played and loved by all the Windows users. If on your Windows handset, if you haven’t yet downloaded any of the below given game name, then download it and I am sure it will be pretty fun enjoying these games and pass your time smoothly.

1. Toy Story

Toy story is the most famous game of all time for all the windows users. The game is squarely aimed at kids. Apart from kids every age people will also enjoy this game. The game has fascinating theme and 3D graphics. The characters in the game are similar to the Toy Story Universe. You have to play as Buzz Light-year, and you need to throw the bouncy balls at various toy structures and bring them tumbling down. The less number of balls you use, the higher the score you will achieve. Keep doing this trick and cross the 75th level where you will achieve the payback value points and 3 stars even.

2. Gunstringer

Similar to the Temple run, Gunstringer is a never ending running game A skeleton cowboy runs among the snow area and you have to help him against the barriers and obstacles. Collect as many coins and diamonds as possible while running through the roads. I am sure once you will play Gunstringer; you are going to forget playing the temple run. 

3. Royal Revolt

Action game lovers would love the game if some fun and cuteness are added in the action game. In that case user will love to play Royal Revolt. The game is available free for the Windows phone users. The game has beautiful 3D graphics pictures and intuitive touch. In this game you have to find yourself on the other side and violating forces to destroy your opponents and reclaim back your castle. You will be given limited energy to fight and use it in right blend to achieve victory and cross your 58 levels. 

4. Word Gap

If you are a Scrabble lover than this game will surely liked by you. The game is all about to test your vocabulary. You can enter into battle game with at most 3 of your friends and try to win the battle. It also helps in making vocabulary strong. All the Letters in the game are assigned some points. The game starts with the two words given to you and ends with when you finish the game. You also get bonus points on crossing some level that will boost up your points. 

5. City Racing

Everyone would be fond of racing illegally on the road, but you never got a chance. You can now race it in a game “City Racing”. In this game you will be a driver of a very nice sporty car, and you have to compete it in a racing illegally through the city roads. On the roadways, make yourself earning money, prestige, crossing hurdles and add more boosters in your racing car.

How to Prevent Strangers from Following You on Twitter

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Twitter is a social networking site dedicated to bulk. It’s not so much about the quality of your followers. After all, how strong a relationship can you create in under 140 characters at a time? Even so, you don’t want some strangers to follow you. Whether they’re weird or malicious, you want to keep these people as far away from you as possible.

Twitter does have a number of mechanisms in place to prevent such shady characters from clinging to you like a lost puppy, though.

What Types of Strangers are there? 

How to Prevent Strangers from Following You on Twitter
Twitter has a colorful crowd filled with maniacs, obsessive fans, celebrities, and completely average people. Here are some of the strangers you don’t want following you.

The spammer. Spammers are evil. They take any opportunity to send you trash about their latest special offer. Some spammers just go on about the same useless things, such as their children. You don’t want these people taking time away from the Tweeters who matter.

The bot. The bot isn’t really a person. They have pre-made Tweets set into a program. Every so often, they’ll Tweet about something. You can usually tell who the bot is by receiving an automated response each time you send them an instant message. Most of the time, they aren’t dangerous, they’re just pointless.

The carrier. The carrier is a term for the sort of follower who spreads malware. They might be using a bot or it could be a real person. Often, you’ll receive shortened links which take you to a place where your computer becomes infected. The severity depends on the specific carrier.

A Word on Bots 

You shouldn’t fear the concept of a bot completely. Perfectly legitimate users regularly employ bots to streamline the Twitter process. And Twitter doesn’t move to stop them as they don’t break their terms and conditions.

For an example on how it makes the process easier, you can’t thank everyone who follows you. Installing a bot sends an automatic ‘thank you’ when they follow you. Others find it easier to narrow down people with their same interests.

It’s how the bot interacts and whether they offer you anything useful which dictates whether they’re worth your time.


The most widely used anti-spam mechanism is Fake Follower Check from StatusPeople. It allows you to see how many of your followers are fake or inactive. It’s an important add-on if you are trying to sell a product or service.

If you’ve been spammed repeatedly by someone with the same messages, this will reveal the name of the user. You can either report or block them, preferably both.

Each time you report a spammer, Twitter claims they automatically stop them from communicating with and following you. It doesn’t result in a suspension unless a lot of people report the account, though.

Legitimate Follower 

The hardest part of telling whether someone is a real person is to check who is following them. If they only have a limited number of people following them and they are following lots of account, there’s a good chance it’s a bot and you can remove them straight away.

Before doing anything, check to see how many Tweets they’ve made. If it’s a new account, there’s a good chance it’s a new user who just doesn’t have many followers yet.

How to Hide My Tweets? 

You have full control over who can see your Tweets. You can make them private to only your followers. Enable ‘Protect my Tweets’ to do this. Click the gear icon on the Twitter page and navigate to the settings menu. In your account section you’ll find a menu for privacy.

There’s a button which reads ‘Protect My Tweets’, click it and save the changes. Now nobody from outside your circle will be able to see your Tweets.

Most users choose not to do this. If someone can’t see your Tweets they won’t follow you. If you want to gain a bigger audience or potentially Tweet about something which goes viral, you have to make your account visible to the general public.


As a last resort, you can block someone. This will prevent them from reading your posts, following you, and sending an instant message. It isn’t an IP ban, so if they really want to get back in touch with you they can via another account. This isn’t a permanent option. You can unblock them if you want.

Here’s how to block an unwanted user on Twitter:

  1. Click ‘Followers’ on your Twitter page.
  2. Find the user on your list. This might take a while if you have a large audience.
  3. On the left of the ‘Follow’ button you’ll see a ‘Block’ button. Press it and they won’t have any contact with you.

Author’s bio: The guest post is written by Sonia Jackson from She writes essays on different topics and can give you useful advice.

How to Care for Your iPhone

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Proper care for your iPhone is necessary if you want to extend the life of your device. An iPhone that is well taken care of also fetches a good resale value in case you want to sell your device when you buy a new one. Here are ways to take care of your beloved iPhone:

Keep the Software and Apps Updated

If you want your device and apps to work seamlessly, then make sure that you update your iPhone’s software and apps once Apple releases a new update. Apple devices running on older versions of iOS may frequently crash and outdated apps may not work properly. Updates are also released to fix bugs and issues, improve the features and usability of your iPhone and protect your device from security holes so make sure that you upgrade to the newest iOS and use the latest version of your apps.

Protect Your iPhone from Cosmetic Damage 


how to care your iphone
There is more to those Hello Kitty iPhone pouches and brightly colored bumper cases. The iPhone case is not just a fashion accessory; It is also your device’s first line of defense from cosmetic damage in case you accidentally drop your iPhone. Your iPhone’s case can also protect your device in case it comes in contact with sharp objects when you place your device inside your bag or pocket. You should, therefore, invest in an iPhone case if you want to protect your device from physical damage. When shopping around for a case, look for one with a design that you are comfortable with carrying because you won’t probably use an iPhone case that you feel awkward with. You should also consider your usage when shopping around for an iPhone case. If you prefer to carry your phone in your pocket then you probably would not want a bulky case because it can make it difficult to slide your phone into your pocket. You also need to protect your iPhone’s screen from scratches and other damages so invest in a screen protector as well. It is recommended that you replace your iPhone’s screen protector every three months when you clean your device so avoid buying those permanent screen protectors. After all, nothing brings the resale value down more than physical dings. 

Take Good Care of Your iPhone’s Battery

The battery is one of the components of your iPhone that you really need to take care of. You won’t be able to make calls or use your phone at all if you have a damaged battery. Unfortunately, fixing and replacing your battery is not as easy as buying a battery replacement in a gadget store and opening your iPhone yourself. You need to bring your iPhone to an Apple center once the battery breaks down or malfunctions. Proper care should be given to your device’s battery so you can avoid all of the hassles of battery repair and replacement. One way you can do this is to make it a habit to remove your charger once you are done charging. Overcharging your phone on a regular basis can affect the overall life of its battery. You should also avoid storing your iPhone in extremely cold or extremely hot locations because doing so is not good for the battery. If you want to make the most of your iPhone’s battery life, close applications you do not use. If you are done checking your social media feeds, for example, close your social networking apps. If you are using apps provided by RingCentral or other VoIP providers, however, you may want to keep those apps open at all times, in case somebody needs to contact you. 

Author’s Bio: Chiastine Ross, a freelance article writer and contributor who focus more on technology, mainly Gadgets and all the latest trends which are interesting for readers and tech enthusiasts. Her articles are written in collaboration with other Phone Service Providers such as RingCentral. You can reach her though Facebook and Twitter

How to Set Up a Quality Business Website

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There are a number of advantages to having a website for your company. One is that you can use your website to build your presence on the internet. People can easily find your business when they search for the products and services that you offer when they go online. Another advantage of having a business website is that you can use your site as a cost effective venue for selling your goods. You do not have to pay for rent, utility bills and salaries to sell your products on your website. To ensure that you get the most out of your website, here are some tips that should encourage people to visit your site and do business with you.

Use a Professional Looking Web Design

how to set up a quality business websiteThe quality of your products and services should be reflected on your website so make sure you come up with a quality and professional looking web design. Although it is possible that you design your website yourself or use any of the free website templates that are available online, it will be best if you hire a professional to design your website. A web designer can help you come up with a unique and professional looking website. You also avoid the common mistakes committed by inexperienced web designers such as choosing colors that do not look good to your visitors’ eyes.

Use a Custom Domain

You can use a subdomain or a free domain name for your website but if you want your website to look credible, you should invest in a custom domain. People may get suspicious of your website and decide not to do business with you if you do not have a custom domain. This is because websites maintained by scammers often use free domain names.

Say Something about Your Company

People can be apprehensive to do business with you if they have only learned about your business online so make them feel confident to deal with you by posting information about your company on your website. You can give a background of how your company started and what products or services you specialize in. See to it that you also post your business address so people know you operate a legitimate business. You may also post the business VoIP number RingCentral provided you so your potential customers will know how to contact you.

Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly

If you want to make the most of your website, see to it that you optimize it for search engines. Having a search engine friendly website can ensure that you get higher rankings in the search engine results page (SERP). The more visible you are in the SERPs, the more people get to visit your website. One effective way to optimize your website is to regularly post informative and quality content on your site. You should also steer clear of practices that can get you penalized by search engines such as linking to questionable websites and engaging in spam link building techniques.

Ensure You have a Fast Loading Website

People usually leave website that do not load within seconds so make sure that your website is fast enough. The common culprits of sluggish websites are slow loading templates and the use of too many images and videos. You should opt for a fast loading template and minimize the amount of media files that you post on your site. Another reason why you would want to have a fast loading website is that a sluggish website can affect your ranking in the search results. This is because search engines now use site speed as a factor in ranking websites.

Author’s Bio: Chiastine Ross, a freelance article writer and contributor who focus more on technology, mainly Gadgets and all the latest trends which are interesting for readers and tech enthusiasts. Her articles are written in collaboration with other Phone Service Providers such as RingCentral. You can reach her though Facebook and Twitter

Beautiful Business Card Design for Different Type of Businesses

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Business card has always been the essential sign of your brand. It is always the first thing that people notice in your business. It is given to the people who ask for it and also who don’t to make familiar to your business. Business cards are always a significant and valuable tool, even if you are not working at that time. Your business card should have all your important information on it so that people find it easy to in touch with you.

It is very important that the design of a business card should beautiful because it reflect a person who owns it in a same way that a watch or a dress reflect a personality. Some people who starts business or already in a business might not figure out that there are many kinds of beautiful business cards design which are used for diverse sort of purposes. Each kind of card may be tailored to a specific kind of personality or profession. Moreover, people can find some designs that make the most of its potential. Having an ideal about each kind of business card can help you out in picking the one that best suits you and your business.

Following are some widespread kinds of business cards designs that are mostly used by people. Let’s see what kind are you and your aims.

Business Cards designs for trade

Business Card Design concepts
A folk who belongs to an industry or trade has their own kind of cards designs. For instant, if you are a manufacturer your cards are mostly given to the competitors, suppliers, investors and vendors. These kinds of business cards symbolize specifically trade of their proprietors. Thus, the design of these cards must be associated or representative to the profession.

If you are in a business of plastic you might have a plastic card. For a baker, bread shape card is an awesome idea. On the whole business card should picture the image of a specific trade. This way you will easily be remembered by the people.

Business Cards designs for Personal Business

Many people have their customized cards for personal business. Well this one is the most widespread kind. Business Cards designs for Personal Business does not spotlight on a specific business, industry or trade. So, the focus is here the occupation of a person or the personality of the card holder. These types of cards have the most interesting as well as beautiful designs.

Business Cards designs for Marketing

Card marketing is itself a kind for the reason that it may modify certain meetings of a usual business card. Card marketing can proclaim a good, services or an event including selling the person who has the card. For instant your business card design for marketing your products should be attractive and should have your name and phrase on it.

Always remember be creative while choosing your business card because this is the best way you can step ahead and get an increase in your business. Are you finding the right kind of business card for you? Well there are so many websites that prints 4 x 6 postcards and 5 x7 custom postcards which all are most revealing business card on the internet.

Author Bio: Jill Montoya is a guest blogger for Next Day Flyers, an online printing company where you can order custom postcards, brochures, flyers and more for your small business. Their prices are great and quality is top-notch.

How to Make the Best Use out of Digital Communication Technologies for your Business

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Much thanks to all of the improvements made on communication platforms, more and more consumers are living their lives comfortable and conveniently. For businesses out there, they take these advancements in the digital communication age as a way to attain their goals. With so many highly advanced communication systems available today, you can no longer make excuses as to why your own business in failing in this particular area.

The use of digital communication technologies does not have to be overwhelming. Provided that you know what to do with them, you can rest assure that you will be able to get the best use out of these platforms. Here are some tips that you can start with.

Make Certain that Your Marketing Strategies are In Line with What Consumers are Using 

How to Make the Best Use out of Digital Communication Technologies for your Business
Your marketing strategies should be in line with what your potential customers are using on a daily basis. For example, if your clients have made the switch from watching shows using their traditional TV sets to web streaming, then make sure that your agenda will evolve accordingly.

By being able to combine the real world with components from the virtual world, you are sure to come up with a campaign that has an ethereal effect on consumers. This will then create a deeper engagement and interest on your clients. As a bonus effect, they are sure to spread the word about your brand.

Test Out Your Brand’s Marketing Campaigns On Real, Live People 

Are you aware of the fact that Gmail, Google’s email service, was kept in a Beta phase for several years, five to be exact? This is because the team that Google employed for the email service needed to keep an eye on and monitor how consumers where using it. They tracked the things that users were complaining about the service. They also took note of the features that account holders were depending on and using the most. This then resulted in the Gmail team to be able to come up with innovations and improvements on the service’s features, such as the new Compose message window, the Priority Inbox, and several other attachment-related developments.

So what does this all mean for you? It is actually quite simple. Once you have already created a marketing campaign, you should test it out on real people before you provide the whole world with access to it. You can test it out on your friends, your loved ones, or maybe even your trusted colleagues. This will provide you with valuable insights on how people will react to your campaign and the areas that you still need to improve. The feedback that you will get will assist you in fine-tuning the campaign while it has not been released yet.

Become a Digital Consumer Yourself 

If you have not had a chance to experience the wonders that the digital age brings, then there is no way for you to know how your consumers are feeling. You need to become a digital consumer yourself before you can make the best use out of these highly advanced communication technologies. One way to start is to replace your traditional landline with something that is equipped with more advanced features, such as the RingCentral business phone. This will definitely make you think of the reasons why you have not implemented such a telecoms platform right from the start.

In other words, for you to understand the consumers of today’s digital age, you need to become one yourself. You should enjoy the digital age, thrive in it, and breathe in it. Relish these technologies and consider all of your marketing projects as your next challenges to face for the growth, the expansion, and the success of your brand.

Author’s Bio: Chiastine Ross, a freelance article writer and contributor who focus more on technology, mainly Gadgets and all the latest trends which are interesting for readers and tech enthusiasts. Her articles are written in collaboration with other Phone Service Providers such as RingCentral. You can reach her though Facebook and Twitter

How communication tools have evolved

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From cave drawings and raven-carried messages to smartphones and the internet, it has taken a millennium or so for the metamorphosis of communication to reach the point of where it is now. What has not changed is its necessity for the success of business and personal relationships and interactions. Some older forms of communication are still around, still as powerful as when they were first used while others have been buried to oblivion.

how communication tools evolved
Today, there are classic and modern tools for communication that businesses generally use to correspond with company employees, suppliers, clients and other organizations.

Whether it is to exchange information, solicit ideas or to give out orders, the purpose is for the smooth operation of the company so that production and sales goals are achieved in the best way possible.

Many devices duplicate the functions of other gadgets, like the smartphone has several functions that were once exclusive to the computer, and vice versa. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Snail Mail

The reference to snail being the speed at which mail is delivered, this term actually applies to regular postal mail service. Postal mailing will never outlive its usefulness, no matter what die hard futurists say. There will always be documents, printed material and items that need delivery. Companies use bulk mail for large volumes of mailing matter and postage fee is less than for single-piece mailing. Speed of delivery depends on the choice of service and levels range from express mail to first class to parcel posts. Fees also vary accordingly.


What used to be debatable is now a fact: Alexander Graham Bell is one of the greatest inventors of all time. From the crude landlines to the avant-garde smartphones, Bell has come a long way. In whatever form, the telephone is basic equipment for all industries, whatever the size, and it is seen to remain that way in the years to come. Landline phones are still indispensable tools for domestic communication. Telephone services are cheap, with flat monthly charges costing a few dollars only. Landlines can be used for local, regional and long-distance calls. Different plans are available at varying charges and it is up to the user to choose which one will work best for the company.

Smartphones have their own evolutions. From the clunky devices of the 1990’s with modest functions, smartphones today are sleek multimedia creations with 4G and LTE capabilities, WVGA screens, megapixel cameras, HD video support and many more. Loaded with applications, many in today’s society have said they can’t live without their smartphones.

Business VoIP uses the internet to make and receive phone calls. It is the preferred system currently used by countless companies. It decreases phone bills compared to the traditional phone system since most VoIP service providers like RingCentral include unlimited calls, fax and SMS in its monthly plans. Advanced features include desk to desk calling, conference calling, voicemail to email and automated attendants.

Video and Web Conferences

This technology allows people to connect in real-time from remote locations around the world. For businesses that have global reach, web and video conferencing take the place of face-to-face meetings and cut costs and time. It speeds up the delivery of solutions and permits sharing of documents and applications.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networking sites are now fundamental tools for businesses to engage existing and potential customers. Through these websites, products are promoted and responds to queries can be done in short time. Since there are no limitations to the posts from users, social networking needs extra effort and participation to counteract negative publicity.

Author’s Bio: Chiastine Ross, a freelance article writer and contributor who focus more on technology, mainly Gadgets and all the latest trends which are interesting for readers and tech enthusiasts. Her articles are written in collaboration with other Phone Service Providers such as RingCentral. You can reach her though Facebook and Twitter

Tips to optimize the camera for getting the best pictures out

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If you have a camera then certainly you have conscious self in you that always strive to have a hold onto the perfect snaps after every click. Nice that! Truly speaking, having a camera is not everything that one would really focus at, but making the best out of that snapper is what everyone wants and certainly that’s what these digital imaging gadgets really do. Sometimes, it is seen people owe a high end professional cam yet they don’t make the most out of it. Why is it so, that a normal person having a high end camera cannot capture the brilliant images, while the professional photographer easily does it. Well, this is what I really wanted to bring into the limelight- the optimization thing!

Tips to optimize the camera for getting the best pictures out
This is true that most of the people who owe a camera are not really aware about the fullest of it and hence somewhere they lack behind when it comes to optimize their gadgets for better photo capturing. To be clear with the terms, optimizing here doesn’t means anything herculean or bulky. But, it simply includes the use of couple of basic features of camera at appropriate time.

Let us quickly know-how everything about optimization.

1. Image optimization: 

Optimizing the image quality really does its work with absolute ease and without breaking a sweat. Especially with the Digital SLR Cameras that have multiple optimization layouts to choose from like- Normal, Softer, Vivid, More Vivid, Portrait, Custom, and Black and White. You can pick either of the one and start to capture your subject’s image or portrait. For an instance, if you want to give softer edges to your portraits then you can pick the ‘softer’ optimization and so on.

2. Use flash appropriately: 

Consistently using the flash for carrying out all sorts of close up shots will surely end up ruining your photos. For best output, avoid using the flash while taking the close up shots as the brightness of the flash will over expose your subject and you will get extra bright image, which is a waste altogether.

3. Adjust the ISO whenever needed: 

For better image stability and accuracy we often adjust the ISO settings for light exposures and contrast adjustment. Let’s pretend it’s all bright everywhere and we have used the ISO to its maximum then certainly, the outcome will surely kill the image! Therefore, ISO settings should always be used appropriately and if you’re not sure about it then first try your hands casually for snaps with various ISOs and when you find the image appropriate with suitable ISO, then use that.

4. Momentum: 

Momentum is undoubtedly of key importance while you want to shape a beautiful capture with your camera. Even though it’s very hard to depict the momentum or to make out that when would be the best scene. Therefore, a perfect picture is always an outcome of a best chiming of the momentum and the camera’s click.

5. Focus: 

Focus is certainly the key of best image capturing every time. Undoubtedly, when you actually focus over the subject and defocus the background of the same then certainly you capture will be of more than just kudos. Whether using manual focus or automatic focus, the main emphasize should be lent upon the image quality.


Isn’t that easy and handy tips to optimize your camera and get the most out of it with sheer and absolute comfort. You don’t have to inject anything alien into your camera but what you really need to do is just follow the couple of steps and optimize your settings a bit more and you’re through. There’s no way of stopping!

Author Bio :- Lynne is a budding freelance tech writer, gadget and Photography enthusiast, and social media junkie. She writes regularly about Latest Digital Cameras Price and Photography Tips and Tricks.

Tweaking your Router for Better Voice over Internet Protocol and Video Performance

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Multimedia data streamed through IP networks is starting to become a very important and effective form of communication. Cell phone and computer program developers realizing the public’s growing preference for Internet channeled calls and video streams are quick to capitalize on this development. Hence, the latest computers are maximized for Voice over Internet Protocol applications and mobile phones are capable of accessing Internet signals with the help of the Wi-Fi technology.

With the advent of VoIP, taking a business to the next level is no longer as difficult as it was when the most reliable form of communication was the traditional telephone. Apart from being inexpensive, the Voice over Internet Protocol also provides other services like sending video, audio streams and text messages.

For your business there are two Voice over Internet Protocol service options you can choose from - the hosted or the self-managed Voice IP. In case you choose the self-managed, then, there are a few things you must know to get optimum performance from your Voice IP and other applications.

It is fortunate that you can usually enhance the quality of your interactive media by simply clicking on web page interface which permits access to the firmware of your router.

Apply Basic Router Tweak Tricks

Routers manage the flow and volume of traffic from many devices integrated into your computer. For example, if you are not getting the performance you want from your virtual phone, you can improve it by tweaking your router to ensure the application is getting adequate bandwidth.

Quality of Service Method

Adjusting the router to give an application the right amount of bandwidth can be performed through a method known as Quality of Service (QoS). You can do this by merely choosing a category (applications, voice, games) in your router program giving it the bandwidth range you see fit. This method is the simplest and most convenient.

In case your router does not have the QoS settings, you can still prioritize traffic through it by using the Media Access Code of a device or network name or the name of the network, for example MainPC or MyPhone, or Internet Protocol address.

IP addresses assigned by the DCHP server of a device sometimes change and your router may not have the capability to detect these changes. Using the MAC address to adjust bandwidth and improve application performance is often the best option.

QoS is performed by Routers by packet sniffing which employs hardware to detect which computer ports data passes through. Once the sniffing is completed, you can then prioritize the kind traffic you want.

Port Forwarding Method

A port is an assigned destination which can be a particular application or protocol. To illustrate, when data is received by your router they are forwarded to ports. You can adjust an application’s performance by port forwarding which sends all data passing through a port to a device. This device manages the received data. This method is very effective because it frees the router for other important tasks.

Optimizing Voice IP and Video

Voice IP is not actually bandwidth intensive. Still, optimizing its performance is rather tricky because traffic runs in two directions. A few Voice IP phones use a router that is placed between your router and modem. For tweaking, though, experienced users will place the phone behind their router and use QoS method or port forwarding.

Streaming any multimedia, especially HD video, is bandwidth intensive. A lot of times, you get tired waiting for the video to play. You can perform tweaking through QoS by putting your video on the highest setting in your router. Some of the newer routers have proprietary video-streaming features. Enable them. You can also try enabling WMM that helps virtual video.

Author’s Bio: Chiastine Ross, a freelance article writer and contributor who focus more on technology, mainly Gadgets and all the latest trends which are interesting for readers and tech enthusiasts. Her articles are written in collaboration with other Phone Service Providers like RingCentral. You can reach her though Facebook and Twitter

Top Benefits of PSD to WordPress Conversion

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WordPress allows a web designer to generate a highly innovative website. It helps create a site that may be easily edited, modified and recreated with exclusive tips to attract the audiences. Many online businesspersons are changing to WordPress platform to improve the visibility from the company's website. This is one main purpose for demand of expert developers, growing high day by day.

PSD to WordPress conversions are typically the most common CMS website improvement. It provides a superb possibility to style and present a website to create a good web appearance online.

Top Benefits of PSD to WordPress Conversion
WordPress happens to be launched to evade the extra expense to take care of and frequently update an internet site. The basic goal to create in WordPress CMS would be to allow the non-technical individuals to manage a website by himself. PSD (Photoshop file) too is a popular file structure but WordPress may be the favored choice because of its easy to operational interface and SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION friendliness. PSD to WordPress transformation has persuasive advantages that draw web marketers to make use of such specialist providers to define advantageous market for themselves. PSD to WordPress transition is in craze because search engines also appreciate WordPress websites.

PSD to WordPress services provides the website owner complete command of the web portal. The non-technical person can certainly control, modify and update its content on a WordPress website. Its flexibility and simplicity of use makes it probably the most favored choice of web development platform. To employ the very best conversion amenities, all that is required is to make contact with the top professionals of the specific field. There isn't any scarcity of reputed providers who are professional in converting numerous file formats to completely functional WordPress design.

Cross browser agreeableness is the most important element for any effective and completely functional website. The concept of getting this feature for any website is to obtain high page visits. The good information is that PSD to WordPress template offers outstanding cross browser compatibility in order to the website proprietors in addition to widget readymade sidebar. These kinds of features are required to make certain that PSD to word press website focus on broader range of customers and assist the owners to remain ahead in their competition.

It doesn't make any difference whether you are prepared to add an occasional calendar, video gallery, Tweets feed, Face book fan box etc, WordPress may lengthen the performance of site along with plug-in. Mostly these add-ons are free of charge or fairly charged. What else you need? Don't give another thought to provide your money in employing PSD in order to WordPress services. This will probably be a quality expense that you should do to lift your company on fast track.

Author Bio: By hiring Company for making a stunning word press web site, will definitely give a lead to your organization. Because they are very professional in this field. They will do all the required procedure and deliver the site in time. So just provide them all the information and get relaxed as you can sure that the job is in the right hand.

Best five VPNs for iPhone

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A man walks with an attitude if he has his awesome iPhone with the IOS running on it. He sometimes realizes that it quite unsafe when he uses it in a crowdie place or public WiFi spot. People can see you whatever you are doing. This is the major reason for which a VPN is used for your iPhone. To use some websites or apps you have to be appeared in a different country, for that you must have to connect via a VPN other then your country.

In most of the countries, there is some kind of restrictions on internet traffic just like China. Therefore, you must have a VPN to access some specific websites like Face book or Twitter. In these countries you can’t have an access to your internet with a VPN.

Best 5 VPNs for iphone
So, which VPN is the best? It is now very difficult to decide it because there are over 100 VPN services. We have checked loads of these companies and after examining we have very carefully recorded that which features they have got. So, we can easily help you out deciding the best one. The services that we are going to recommend you are compatible with all current software of Apple OS.

So, here we are going to provide you with a brief description about each service provider.


Pure VPN is a great in the list. The total number of customers they have is 10,000 which is I think a very large number; there is a solid reason for having a good number of customers. They work professionally and always provide with high quality. The speed of software is extremely high that’s why you will never get disappointed.

These service providers are Hong Kong based. They have categorized there packages into standard and unlimited, the standard package costs $ 4.16 per month and the unlimited package costs you $ 18. But, if upfront is paid for a year, you will get 38 off ultimately. These prices would never go in vein. You will get the best quality against the prices.

You would also be getting a chance to earn points in a reward scheme in order to get some free usage of VPN as well.


HideMyAss is an extremely high in the list. They are considered to be at number 2. It is very easy and smooth to use the software; you could easily set up a VPN on your iPhone. They are one of those companies who offer latest compatibility for IOS.

They have set a variation in setting up the prices depending upon for how long you are going to buy, but if the upfront is paid it will be as low as $6 a month and this is not just for the iPhones, you can use any device with that.

Strong VPN:

Strong VPN is based in San Francisco and they have got a place of number three in the list. They have more than 300 servers all over the world. One disadvantage is that they are based in the US, so they record what you do, but for the iPhone they are extremely great. They are bound to be strong on US servers, if some one needs a US IP and location. Here is the strong VPN for you.


IB VPN is not a recommended service provider for Apple users, the design of their website and software is slightly frightful for the Apple users. But if we talk about their features and functions, they are extremely great.

They are considered to be the cheapest VPN. So if you don’t have any problem with the design, then feel free to sign up.

Express VPN:

Express VPN is very highly recommended by the people who use it, the features that are offered by them are quite few as compare to the price they ask for it. But they can provide you with some excellent tutorials about how to use them on iPhone. So, you can just follow them to set it up.

Author Bio: The article is written by Uzma Parveen who loves to describe how to get iPhone VPN for internet users.

Ways to Speed up Your Website

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It is high time you do something about your site’s speed if the people who visit your website always complain that your site is slow. Studies reveal that slow websites are likely to lose visitors than fast loading websites. Your visitors should see the content of your pages in as little as seven to eight seconds or you risk losing them to other sites on the Internet.

You should also be aware that major search engines particularly Google now take into account site speed in ranking websites. You should therefore ensure that your site loads fast enough if you are working on your site’s SEO. Here are different ways on how you can improve your site’s speed and improve its chances of ranking high in the SERPs:

Ways to Speed up Your Website
Avoid Using Too Many Videos and Photos on Your Site

Heavy media files such as photos and videos can slow down your website so if your site does not load fast enough, you might want to check out if you are posting more media files on your pages than necessary. Your site, for example, won’t immediately load up if a video auto plays whenever somebody visits your site. It may also take your visitors quite a while to see and read your articles if your pages are all filled with photos, charts and illustrations. Although images and videos can add color and visual interest to your site’s pages, using too many of these on your site can have a negative effect on your site’s speed. You should therefore remember to put the number of media files to a minimum so as not to affect your site’s speed. Should you need to use media files, upload the images to a third party photo hosting site such as Photobucket or Imageshack. You can also have your videos hosted on Vimeo or YouTube instead of loading them to your own server.

Enable Browser Caching

Enabling browser caching for your site may sound too complicated but if you are using WordPress as your CMS, you do not have to be tech savvy to do this. You just need to install the W3 Total Cache plugin to enable browser caching for your website. This plugin also provides you with a lot of other options that can help speed up your website.

Choose Your Web Hosting Provider Well 

The quality of your web hosting can significantly affect the loading speed of your website and even if you observe all the best practices that can help boost your site’s speed, you efforts will be useless if your site is hosted by a web host that offers inferior services. You should read reviews well before signing up for a hosting provider’s services particularly because there are web hosts that are known to overload their servers. It is also best to move from a shared hosting account to a VPS if your site has grown and already serves thousands of visitors per day. Availing of VPS hosting can ensure the stability and speed of your website. Cost of VPS varies among provider but you may contact your web host’s VoIP number to ask for the price and details of their VPS hosting services.

Use a CDN 

Make use of a content delivery network (CDN) if you want to boost the speed of your site. A CDN is a network of servers that are strategically distributed in different locations around the world. You can pay for premium CDN services such as MaxCDN and Amazon CloudFront but you can also opt for Cloudflare if you want to avail of free CDN services for your site.

Author’s Bio: Chiastine Ross, a freelance article writer and contributor who focus more on technology, mainly Gadgets and all the latest trends which are interesting for readers and tech enthusiasts. Her articles are written in collaboration with other Phone Service Providers like RingCentral. You can reach her though Facebook and Twitter

Resurrecting Your Dying Computer

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Nothing irks some people more than a dying computer, a desktop that seems to be struggling and gasping for breath. If you do not deal with a dying computer on a daily basis then consider yourself lucky since thousands of computer users wrestle with disintegrating computers every day.

It is definitely a struggle and a cause of stress especially when you have to accomplish tasks that call for the help of this device. Whether it is your personal computer or your work computer that seems to be slowly deteriorating, you are certainly in for some serious problems.

Resurrecting Your Dying Computer
Computers were designed to make our lives easier, to allow us to do things, know things in a way no other device can let us so it is totally understandable if you always feel like losing your sanity whenever your computer conks out but don't fret.

There are many ways how you can deal with this problem without stressing yourself too much. Below are some of the most common PC problems you might encounter, along with their quick fixes.

Dealing With Software and Slow Running Computers

Think of your computer as a copybook. Each software or program that you install on your computer corresponds to a specific page on a copybook. The amount of time you spend looking for certain pieces of information in a copybook that has only a few pages will surely be shorter as compared to searching for something in a copybook that has many pages. This is what happens when your computer is filled with different software; it will run slower and take a considerable amount of time to load certain programs or run commands. Overcrowding a computer with unnecessary and seldom used programs is one of the most common problems people have to deal with and it should not be the case because the fix for this issue is pretty easy. Just uninstall and remove all the software that does not need to be there. You can also make use of an uninstall software or a cleaner to ensure that all traces and all files associated to the software you will be getting rid off will be deleted completely as well.

Defeating Malware

Malware is a shorter term for malicious software. If your computer suddenly slows down or hangs while you are on a VoIP call and you do not know why, one of the most common reasons behind this is malware. Even the most powerful and high-powered computers can be broken down by Trojans, spyware and different viruses. They mess up with the computer's operating system files and also run several tasks in the background which result in slowness and hanging. This can get really frustrating but remember that all computer problems can be resolved and you just have to know how. In this case, all you have to do is install reliable anti-virus software on your computer. Make it a habit to run all the files you download and every device you connect to your computer through it.

Temporary Hardware Problem Solutions

Even if you have installed reliable and dependable anti-virus software on your computer and you get rid of unnecessary programs on a regular basis, your computer hardware will eventually fail at some point. This is mainly due to the incessant evolution of software and programs that you run on your computer. They often update and require more processing power or a larger RAM which somehow causes wear and tear on your hardware. If you do not have the finances to upgrade or buy a new computer, you can always opt to stretch your RAM's capacity or upgrade your processor.
Author’s Bio: Chiastine Ross, a freelance article writer and contributor who focus more on technology, mainly Gadgets and all the latest trends which are interesting for readers and tech enthusiasts. Her articles are written in collaboration with other Phone Service Providers such as RingCentral. You can reach her though Facebook and Twitter

HTC One VS Samsung Galaxy S4

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The last decade was the revolutionary era for the handheld mobile phone devices. The decade started with simple voice call mobile phone and ended with super functioning smart phones, offering hundreds of solutions within a small handheld device. Smart phones are considered one in all solution, offering the function of mobile phone, TV, Data recorder, computer, Camera, Video, Internet etc. That’s the reason today’s time belongs to smart phones. Companies are producing smart phones with unique capabilities & features.

Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC one are considered as the two best smart phones of the year. Let’s check out the unique part of these phones and how they are different from one another.

HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Samsung Galaxy S4 

Samsung Galaxy S4 is the latest smart phone of Samsung electronics launched in April 2013. Keeping the legacy of the earlier models of galaxy series, new galaxy S4 is bundled with some very interesting features. Samsung Galaxy S4 is packed with advanced processing power as well as with some very unique & useful features. Following lines breakdowns the distinguishing features of Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Processor, Ram, Storage and Camera

New Samsung galaxy S4 operates on latest version of android 4.2.2. It has a high RAM speed of 2GB, while it comes with 1.9GHZ Quad-core snapdragon processor and 1.6GHZ Octa-Core Exynos 5 Processor. S4 is also bunched with enormous storage capacity of 16/32/64 GB. In case you need more storage space so microSD card can be used to extend the memory. Galaxy S4 is enriched with 13 mega pixels Back Camera and 2 mega Pixel front camera, such high MP allows users to capture professional quality photos through their smart phone.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Features

Interesting Features of Galaxy S4 

a. Air Gesture

New Galaxy S4 has wonderful feature of air gesture. Now you can navigate through the icons and switch between them without touching the screen or button.

b. Photos without Shutter lag

Most of the cameras including the highly expensive professional cameras has in-built flaw of shutter lag. However with galaxy S4 you can take quality photos without shutter lag. It means photo is captured as soon as you press the button without the delay of a millisecond.

c. S Voice

Yet another amazing feature that enables you to listen text message & emails while you are driving, thus increasing your work efficiency.

d. S Translator

S translator is wonderful tool that allow users to translate speech & text in a real time. Now you can translate messages into 9 different languages.

e. ChatOn

This feature let you do video chatting with 2 people at the same time. You can also you both back & front cameras during the video call.


Launched in March 2013, HTC one is the latest smart phone from HTC corporation. Previous models from HTC had wonderful functionality, however new HTC one is bundled with some very interesting features that makes it among the best smart phones available in 2013. Following are some outstanding features of HTC one. 

HTC One – Processor, Ram, Storage & Camera

HTC one is bundled with strong Quad-core 1.7 GHz Krait 300 processor. This might seems to be little low processing speed in comparison to Samsung S4, still it 1.7 GHZ Krait 300 is great speed to perform functions very fast. Like Samsung S4, htc one has 2 GB of Ram, While it comes with 32 and 64 GB storage capacity. HTC one has very good high quality camera results. Its back facing camera is 4 MP while its front facing camera is 2.1 mega pixels. HTC one camera result is much sharper & eye catching then Samsung S4 ore Sony experia Z. You can compare the camera results of all three devices by clicking here.

HTC One Features

Interesting Features of HTC ONE 

a. HTC Zoe

HTC Zoe is a wonderful feature that takes 20 photographs and 3 second video with just a single click. This means that you can choose best photo among all the photographs. This function is really helpful for you if you don’t have good camera skill, or you want picture results as of a professional cameraman.

b. HTC Blinkfeed

This feature allows you to get latest social networks & news updates on your home screen. You can select any preferred social networks & news to show you the timely updates.

c. HTC Boomsound

HTC Boomsound makes HTC one the most preferred phone for songs listeners. With Dual stereo speakers with built in amplifiers HTC one has bigger & clear sound with less distortion.

d. Sense Voice

Conversation on phone wasn’t possible in the crowded places. However HTC one has make it possible. Dual built in micro phones in the volume knob allows you to talk clearly even within the crowded places.

e. HTC Interactive TV guide

HTC one interactive TV guide is yet another amazing feature of HTC one. You can select TV channels and your favorite programs. Your HTC one will notify when your favorite programs are live, thus getting full control of your TV experience.

Khwaja M.Adil is a professional writer and blogger. He writes about online phd programs in his blog Stay contacted to get professional advice and recommendation in online education field.

10 Easiest Web Design ideas to make your blog stand out

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Try making it stand out with the content alone. That is the true key to a long lasting and popular blog. However, we are all human, and as humans we tend to judge a book by its cover. This is a shame, but we learn from an early age that the book cover is often correct.

So, the most important thing is that you make sure your blog does not look cheap. It cannot look as if it was quickly created on a content management system, and it cannot look as if it was designed by a school child. If you make sure that your blog does not look cheap, then you have won the first battle. Here are a few tips to help you make your blog stand out.

1 - Have an image at the top of each post

This is a nice idea that is not seen often enough. Putting a picture at the top of each post first before the actual title is a nice way of creating intrigue about your blog post. Just make sure that your picture is interesting and related to the title of the blog.

2 - Put your title in the image at the top

If you are a little worried that your image at the top of each post is going to make things a little bit vague for your readers, then add the title into the image. However, for SEO reasons, you are also going to have to write the title in text underneath the image, as the Google crawlers cannot read text that is on an image.

3 - Use CSS3 to create animated menus

This is a fun little trick and there is currently a lot of CSS3 code kicking around the Internet for animated menus, so you are going to find it easy to do. Plus, if you make it animated by professional looking, then your blog may even look a little futuristic too.

4 - Try having an image as your whole background

This is a design idea that is usually reserved for the home page of a website, but there is nothing stopping you from trying it on your blog. Such a bold move is bound to make your blog stand out against all of the blogs that are too timid or conservative to try it.

5 - Don’t have any affiliate advertising

This is really going to make your blog stand out because almost every blog has affiliate advertising. Plus, consider the fact that affiliate advertising is eye-catching so it competes with your blog, and it often messes up your blog design because it is not supposed to be there.

6 - Bold colors in just two places

People think that bold colors make their blog stand out, but this is not the case. It is the use of bold colors that is the key to making your blog stand out. So, try using them in just two small places on your blog. Have the rest of your colors pale or passive, and the two bold spots will really draw the eye.

7 - Have buttons for links

This is fun and it makes your blog stand out because it makes it look a little more like a mobile website. It is also easier for people to navigate as it is hard to miss your links.

8 - Create a border that only covers the corners

This is a nice way of making the text of your blog stand out. Many times it is the design and the border of the blog that stands out the most. But, by just adding design to the corners of your blog, you are forcing people to look at the text.

9 - Have a tabbed keywords cloud

They look good and they have exactly the same positive effect on your SEO as any sort of tabbed keyword list, so you may as well have one and make your blog look a little better.

10 - Add a video to each blog post

This is something that few people are willing to do because they think that they have to make the video themselves. But, you can just stream a video from YouTube. Pick a video that is relevant to your blog post, and try to pick one that makes the same point as you. Your choice of video is a lot easier if your blog post reviews a game, product, song, outfit or movie.

Author's Bio : Hi! I'm Nellie and currently work as a lecturer in programming and accounting. I'm always eager to find out something new and become familiar with it. I love to deal with researches and want to develop in the field of writing. Moreover, I started moving in this direction! I work as a writer for, which provides homework assignment help. If you have any questions concerning education, I'm always ready to help. Here are my contacts: FB  and G+

How to choose the Right Online Data Storage Service

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Every organization has an essential need of backing up data which is absolutely vital to maintain the integrity of their data. In rare aspects, when users who do not focus to maintain back up data are highly at risk of losing access to the important information due to any incident such as; hardware failure, file error and corruption, disasters , viruses and deletion. Now, when there are more reliable, managed, cost effective and long term backup services are available through online backup services. Users are safe as their data integrity is managed and saved over the cloud.

Selecting the reliable and safe backup service is a point to wait and think before selection. Various data storage services offers different features in their services therefore, before availing and investing, make sure that this cloud storage service meets your organizational needs. To analyze the services and your needs, it is important to understand that what are the different services and compare them with your requirements, then check whether they can fulfill your requirements or not.

Choosing the right online data storage service for your needs is a very crucial aspect, especially when you are planning to upload highly important and sensitive data that cannot afford loss. Therefore, make your needs and requirements clear before the decision process:

  • Cost Effective - Your finances should prior analysis before choosing an online data storage service. Selecting an unaffordable service may cause to have a transfer of all your backed up data to another service provider over a short notice. This process may be very time consuming but if it is not completed on time it can raise the risk of data loss. 

  • Data Security - If an online data storage services does not mention about how they keep your uploaded, downloaded, and stored data safe, be sure not to subscribe for their services. Many services will encrypt data by 128-bit SSL encryption, as it is an industry standard. For more high protection, 256-bit SSL encryption is better choice and data encryption of 448-bit Blowfish is also recommendable. 

  • Storage space - An unlimited online data storage service will be ideal if the organization have large amount of data to store is expected to grow. 

  • Location – Locate the company’s data center. It should be located at 50 to 100 to 100 miles from your desired location. This will prevent the organization backed up data from any natural disaster. 

  • Automated backups - Backing up your data options should include an automated backup being created any time a file is modified and saved locally. This assures that your data will always be updated and stored. Data should be ideally backed up across multiple servers at the company’s data servers. 

  • System Compatibility - Some services requires downloading some additional software to your system in order to maintain consistent backup. This software is usually not compatible with all operating systems.

  • History - Services that have proven to be safe by sticking around with a good security service and reputation for a number of years are more likely to select for business needs. 

  • 24/7 customer service –The vendor must provide access to a customer care service around the clock. This can assure that you can avail technical assistance when you need. 

  • Reliability - Be sure to select a service that offers you to access your data 99.9%, when you are connected with the internet. Vendors should provide money back guarantee if they do not fulfill the advertised standards. 

The article is written by Gloria and she had written many articles on Cloud Storage and she recommends best cloud storage for UK.

iPhone VPN's Importance and How to Configure an iPhone's VPN

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Your iPhone is not just the phone, it helps you in many different ways such as communication with your friends, and it manages your daily tasks. Many useful and important things can be bought through this phone. For you iPhone, you must have a system that maintain the security and privacy settings and it could also maintain the filter systems of your iPhone. So, here is the solution to this problem which we call it “Virtual Private Network" (VPN).

We shall first understand that what a VPN basically is? The security level of your internet connection increases by VPN. Therefore, the circulation of data becomes absolutely safe and secure.


You can use this feature of VPN in your iPhone also just like in computers. You would be able to use internet on your phone very easily. It doesn't allow the third party to enter into your phone to create some problem in communication and in browsing. This VPN for iPhones also block hackers who try to hack your email and your important personal data. This VPN for iPhone is very essential and has become necessary for the iPhone users. WiFi technology has become popular everywhere, where ever you go, you find WiFi connection which helps you to have internet access any time but most of the people who use this feature are hackers. So, if you are using internet through WiFi without having a VPN, these hackers can easily see what website you are browsing and if you have browsed some important website just like your bank account or where you put some personal data they can easily get an access to those websites.

Just because of these severe attacks by hackers and mismanagement in the security, this VPN feature has introduced in the Iphone. Now your data would be secured and you can have access to internet anywhere at any time. By using this feature in your phone, No one will be able to see what you are browsing, downloading on internet. The efficiency of your iPhone can be increased by implementing VPN. You can do your any work without any kind of risk. 

Steps to Configure VPN on an iPhone: 

VPN's are used in an organization to communicate private information securely. Some steps must be followed to use VPN on iPhone.

  • Go into the settings options> General> Network>VPN and then select "Add VPN configuration" for IOS 7, the VPN menu can be found directly under settings> General.

  • You must ask your network administration that which setting you use, if you don't know. 

  • The option for turning VPN on ‘off appears in the main screen when the VPN configuration has created once you are connected the VPN icon comes in the status bar. 

Tips and Warnings:

If you are using more than one VPN configuration, you could switch between the configuration by moving to settings>General>Network>VPN.
If a same VPN have set upon your computer. Same VPN have set upon your computer same VPN settings can be used for your device.

Author Bio: The article is written by Uzma Parveen who loves to describe the necessity of iPhone VPN service for internet users.

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 – What Makes this Latest Galaxy Addition Mega in the Eyes of Consumers?

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Ever since the inception of the Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab series, it has been made clear that there is definitely an appetite for extremely large screen mobile devices. A great example of this is the Samsung Galaxy S IV, which has a display screen size of 5 inches. Despite the fact that the Galaxy S IV was only rolled out just a few months ago, South Korean company Samsung decided that its already big screen size can further be increased. Now, this month of June, the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 is available for those who are looking for a Galaxy Smartphone featuring a much larger screen size.

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3As the name of the Smartphone already suggests, the Galaxy Mega 6.3 sports a display screen size of 6.3 inches. But is this significant increase in size makes the model an invaluable companion for regular consumers?

Is this really something that business owners would need to strengthen their communications platform? To answer these questions, let us take a closer look at the aspects that make this latest Galaxy addition ‘mega’ in the eyes of users.

Tablet and a Phone Rolled into One

Samsung was asked who the Galaxy Mega 6.3 Smartphone was aimed at. According to the South Korean company, the device is perfect for students, as it already serves the purpose of both a Smartphone and a tablet. This means that there is no longer a need for a consumer to buy these two devices separately, as their functions are already rolled into just a single piece of equipment. So what does this translate to? Cost-effectiveness, convenience, and practicality.

Sharp and Clear Display Screen

Another aspect of the Galaxy Mega 6.3 that may just wow its users is the fact that its display screen produces sharp and clear images and text. What makes this impressive? The simple answer is that the Mega 6.3 does not come equipped with Samsung’s very own Super AMOLED display screen technology nor a Full HD capacity. So despite the phone lacking in these two latest display screen technologies, it is a nice surprise that sharpness and clearness will not be a problem.

Other Great Aspects of the Phone

There are several other aspects of the phone that consumers are sure to be happy with. One is that the messaging system of the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 has been improved, making it a lot more accurate than many of the other Galaxy models available, such as the Samsung Galaxy S III. Of course, users can still download and install a new messaging system option, but the one pre-installed is not that bad.

The Galaxy Mega 6.3 is also powered by a 3200 mAh battery. This is great as it means that the massive display screen will be able to run for a complete day (and a few more hours) without charging it in between. Problems with battery life have always been constant in the large screen device industry, but this new Galaxy model may just be out to conquer them all.

Final Thoughts

Of course, there are still a few things that you may find not-so-mega about the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3, such as the fact that you will not be able to hold it to your ear comfortably. Holding such a large phone to your ear when making or taking a call will definitely make you feel uncomfortable. Other than that, since the phone offers cost-effectiveness, convenience, and practicality, regular consumers may just be happy with it. It is definitely not a wise idea to make the phone your primary business telecoms platform, but it will be a great addition to a tried and tested system, such as the RingCentral business phone.

Author’s Bio: Chiastine Ross, a freelance article writer and contributor who focus more on technology, mainly Gadgets and all the latest trends which are interesting for readers and tech enthusiasts. Her articles are written in collaboration with other Phone Service Providers such as RingCentral. You can reach her though Facebook and Twitter

The significance of the Antivirus Software and its main features

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Antivirus software is for the prevention, detection and the removal of the viruses including the different types of the Adware, spyware from the system. Antivirus software development companies always remain involved in making their program powerful to remove even the strongest viruses.

The virus detection techniques

The different antivirus software uses different identification strategy, like most common is the signature based detection process for the detection of the executable malicious software. However, if the malware does not have any signature, the antivirus still can detect and remove such virus by the use of heuristics. This detection method is supremely efficient, this technique makes the penetration into the malicious codes in the files possible.

The significance of the Antivirus Software and its main features
Indeed, it is the most essential software the computer owners and the Internet users must install on their PCs. We should also know the certain consequences and the down backs of such antivirus software. The inefficiently developed software can reduce the performance of your computer.

The most difficult step is to find the best antivirus software. There are many antivirus services which are providing the protection at their best, but you must find the one which suits your needs and most importantly must suits your pocket. There should be compatibility between the antivirus software and the other program running onto your system.

The interesting facts about the software are that they do not only provide protection against the viruses but also scan the complete system during the installation process.

The best antivirus must have following features.

Almost all the antivirus software is providing the trial versions. It is convenient for the users as they can test the efficiency of these software before spending money on them. The trial version enables users to evaluate the best suited software for them.

The antivirus software must have the automated update capacity wherever the user connects the system to the world on the Internet. The emails are the easiest way to break the security of the system;therefore the smartest virus removal software use to scan every incoming and outgoing email.

The idea antivirus software does not only provide protection from the lethal viruses but also provide the shield against the fatal Trojans, Adware, keyloggers and the various kinds of the spyware's. The experts consider a complete antivirus package who has the efficient personal firewalls within it.

A security suite must have the inbuilt spam filter so that the software able to accurately filters spam. It should also have phishing protection tool. With the help of these tools it can scan all the links posted on the wall of social media networks.

Maria is a 20 year old part time writer. She is extremely passionate about bester virenschutz 2013 and loves to write Reviews on everything that interests her.

Income on the Internet: How to Lay a Freelancing Foundation

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Everyone is making money on the Internet, right? Not really. There are few industries out there as hyped as the "online marketing" niche. Marketers would like you to believe that they have a system for making money online - that all you need to do is buy their system and follow a blueprint. The money will come rolling in, even if you have no previous freelancing experience. The truth is that it takes hard work, dedication, and skill to make money online.

Have a Marketable Skill

The first thing you need is a marketable skill. Without one, you won't make a dime. Whether you're a computer programmer, a writer, a web designer, or a photographer (or some other professional), you need to have something to sell. Even secondary skills can be marketable skills.

For example, if you don't have much experience as a technical writer, but you're good with blog-style posts, there's a market out there for you. Content is a big business on the Internet. Even large companies need blog posts written on a regular basis to attract and keep readers, for PR, and even for other marketing initiatives.

Create a Brand For Yourself

If you want to be a professional freelancer, you need a brand. People must like and trust you because they're buying you. They're not buying a faceless entity. You're a real person - show that to the world.

If you plan on succeeding in the world of freelancing, you'll need to create a really strong brand image to set yourself apart from the crowd. You have to have a value proposition that makes you very different from everyone else in your space - a unique "voice."

"Best customer service" just won't cut it. It has to be very specific. You'll necessarily have to delineate your market and cut out a lot of people. For example, if you work as a graphic designer, you might choose to do branding work for just online companies or you might choose to focus on a specific industry - like ice cream shops, coffee shops, or large retail operations.

You might specialize in female entrepreneurs, one-man corporations, or companies that align with your philosophical or religious beliefs.

Learn How To Write Ad Copy and Sell

Companies, such as, suggest that you not only create and host your own freelance website, but that you market yourself to your target market. To do that, you'll need to become a good copywriter. Ad copy is the way you reach out into the marketplace and advertise yourself to your target market.

Sound complicated? It's not, really. The best advertising books were written long ago - "Scientific Advertising," and "The First Hundred Million" are marketing classics. The principles are timeless, even if the marketing mediums have dramatically changed since the time of the first publishing of those books.

The two most important factors in your ad copy will be:

1) Your offer and;

2) Your headline

Without a good headline, you can't get people to read your offer. But without a good offer, your headline is worthless. Everything in-between the headline and the offer should get people excited about your offer.

The classic sales formula AIDA still works - use it. Grab the audience's attention with your headline. Get their interest by outlining a problem they have. Speak their language. Create desire by telling your target market that a solution exists and what that solution is - in principle (but don't offer your specific solution yet). Finally, ask them to take action by offering them your solution to their problem.

Linda Hunt is a freelance writer. She frequently shares her best tips for creating a living online on freelancer blogs.