FM Radio Recorder app for your Android Phone

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I have seen many people download apps from Google Play just for fun. Some of the apps in Google Play doesn't really make any sense. They just develop apps and release it to the market without even testing for compatibility.

Recently I needed to download an app to record some music from the FM Radio and I searched throughout the Google Play. I downloaded around 10 apps and none of them worked really. Most of them were designed to record streaming media (internet radio), which was not the one I wanted in my case. Finally I could find a solution for this.

FM Radio Recorder app for android phones
This app is RecForge Lite which is a dictaphone app that records high quality wav, mp3 or ogg files. The app is originally designed to record high quality sounds. This can originally be used to record meetings, music etc. I tested this with my FM player in my Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman and it worked.

Basically the Lite version offers you 3 minutes of recording time from the .mp3 and .ogg formats and then pauses. So you will be having trouble with continues recording of the tracks from Radio. But there will not be any disturbance for you if you record the FM sound tracks with .wav format.

If you still need to go with continuous recording with mp3 or ogg, you can buy there pro version at an expense of $3.85.

Lets see the steps on how you can record the FM Radio sounds using this app.

First Download the RecForge Lite - Audio Recorder from the Google Play.

Then connect the headphones, open your FM Radio player, set the frequency (radio station/channel) you want the app to record and let it run on the background.

Open the RecForge app and start recording. Once the app is started recording the track, set its settings to +2 db or +3 db in order to have a louder sound. Otherwise the recorded sound track would not give a loud output.

When you finish recording, it will automatically saved in your default folder where sounds files are stored.

This trick will help you to record sounds directly from FM Radio, rather than going for streaming internet radio recorder apps.