What is meant by Domain Hijack?

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Simply the web address can be introduced as a domain name. After the domain name registered under a person’s name, then the domain name should be renewed before it gets expire or before domain name seller cancel it’s ownership. If the ownership of domain name needs to be transferred, then it should be transferred via the domain registrar with the permission of first owner of domain name during right time period.

Getting the ownership of the domain name without any permission of its owner is called domain hijack. The  hijacked domain can be used accordingly to necessity of person who hijacks the domain. These domain hijackers acts same as the real owner of domain name by informing he or she forgot the password for the domain name they registered. Then domain register inquire information about the domain. The answers are compared with the details given when registering the domain name earlier. If the given information suit with each other then a new password will be given.

This domain hijack is not that hard because of the majority entered simple and fake information when registering domain names. Sometimes this entered information will be easily forget later. On the other hand the people who are specialized in domain hijacking can easily guess these information.

Somehow the ownership of the hijacked domain name can be acquired again by it's real owner. For that the real owner has to verify his ownership to the domain name registered company. The verification process might require the owner to provide credit or debit card numbers used for payment or the information that request by the company itself.

KidZui : Web Browser Made for Children

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In the internet most web browsers, search engines and other web services are basically made for adults. Due to that reason there is no any specific service yet only for kids apart from adults even though kids can get massive benefits through internet. Because of that parents cannot allow for their kids to use internet as they wish. But today there is a special creation which parents can obtain a greater relief from that matter. That is a web browser which specifically made only for kids. It’s named as Kidzui. This can be downloaded free from their official website.


After installing this Kidzui web browser in your kid’s computer then parents can allow them to do their works freely in internet. This web Brower doesn’t make as open internet. So it allows going only 800000 selected websites which is recommended as suitable for kids. This web site list will be extended day by day. The important point is the web sites that can be browse through Kidzui were selected by Parents, teachers and other social groups. Also all of these selected web sites were personally checked by Kidzui company’s staff. Therefore the selected web sites were highly recommended as suitable for age between 03 to 12 kids.

Through this Kidzui web browser, the web sites will be displaying as a little image in their web site’s cover page. Also these web sites will be line up as category wise. When selecting the one category out of all these categories then it displaying relevant web site. Now kid can visit to that web site. The kid, who is using kidzui everyday, can be represented as a virtual character called as zuis. Then he or she can share information with another kid. But this list of zuis is not popular. The kid should request this zuis list when he or she meets another kid actually. Therefore there is no any chance for kid to keep a relationship with unrecognized persons through internet.

The kid cannot download this Kidzui web browser to his or her computer lonely. One of parent should download it to the computer. In there the parent’s information should give to the Kidzui. Because to send a report to the parents by mentioning what kind of web sites the kid browse and what kind of service the kid get when he or she using Kidzui.

How to create a strong Password

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People who work with computers, keep their private things away from others by encrypting them with a password. But with the development of black-hat hacking methods, those developers has come up with strong software which can crack or find out people's passwords within a shorter time period.

A more secured password means a password which takes a long time for crackers and hackers to identify your password. Passwords which are generated by password generators are the most vulnerable in personal security.

Hence this is a small step by step tutorial for you to develop a strong password which others can't even guess.

Step 1 :  First think of a book or a sentence where you can remember well. For an example lets take. "My home town is London". When you take the first letters of the words in this, you get "mhtil".

Step 2 : Then you can add some values or codes to the above generated code as you wish. If there's "a" you can simply substitute "@". If there's "i", you can use "1" instead of "i" or simply you can use "!" for "i" which appears like upside down "i". For an example we can change the above password (mhtil) to "mht!l".

Step 3 : Now you can change the password a bit more. For an example if your age is 21, you can change it to "mht!l21" or "21mht!l". Or further if this password is for gmail, you can add "g" or if it's for yahoo, you can add "y". Then it would look like

Gmail - gmht!l21 or g21mht!l
Yahoo - ymht!l21 or y21mht!l

Step 4 : Forgetting password is a common thing among most of us. But writing down your password somewhere is a useless thing because it is more likely to go for someone. The best way to remind this is to write down the hint. For an example you can make the hint as "London" or "Hometown". Once you get the hint, you would remember the sentence, "My home town is London". Then you will remember the word "mhtil". If its a gmail, you would remember it as "gmht!l" etc accordingly.

A Trick to Get Continuous $0.01 to Your OKPAY Account

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There is a huge boost recently in terms of the sales in retail e-stores. Apart from the Paypal, other online payment processors too have become increasingly popular in current e-market. While Paypal, Alertpay, Liberty Reserve, Moneybookers (Skrill) are acting as market leaders, OKPAY has also come into the action with their innovative features.

OKPAY is popular among people due to their money exchange facilities. In other words, OKPAY is the only payment processor which allows people to deposit money from other payment processors.

Earlier they had the possibility of depositing money from Alertpay and Liberty Reserve. But now they have be disabled. But one plus point is for OKPAY is their debit card. It is one of the best ways to withdraw money from any ATM worldwide. This trick for getting $0.01 is an option offered by their approved money exchanger OK-Change.

The simple way of getting this free $0.01 is simple. First go to the link below.


Then you would find a text-box provided to input the rate saying, "Enter our rate of exchange of OK EUR for OK USD:" There you have to input the relevant exchange rate for the day from the below link.


For an example the relevant exchange rate would show like "1 OK EUR = 1.32241 OK USD". In the text box provided you have to input the rate as in the red coloured amount in the example. Then provide your OKPAY Account no (ex: OK952281XXX), solve the captcha code and get the bonus. Once you did the process correct you'll get a message saying, "Congratulations!!! Your bonus (0.01 USD) has been successfully credited to your OKPAY wallet."

That's it. Now you got $0.01 to your OKPAY Account. This trick can be done every three days. Every time you do this, you get $0.01 to your OKPAY Accont. Further if you are interested in exchanging money, you can get a 5% discount on the exchange fees from OK-Change by simply applying the OK Change Bonus Code.

The OKPAY Exchange Bonus Code is 210177

What are DoFollow and NoFollow Backlinks?

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In Search Engine Optimization (SEO), people are always concerned on creating backlinks. Most of them think the number of backlinks would enhance the search engine rank of their site. In fact the number of links have a significant amount of impact on the SEO, only if the links are added with DoFollow in their anchor texts.

Generally DoFollow refers to links that do not have nofollow attribute. It is recognized as a plus point for back-linking and the link will be crawled by the search engine spiders. If the link is dofollow, the page rank of the webpage can be transferred into your site. No follow simply means that the webmaster does not want to have anything to do with the link. But there are occasions that we need NoFollow links as well.

In other words Nofollow links are not always ignore. There are several benefits by having no follow links as well.  Having a mixture of nofollow and dofollow backlinks pointing to your site would make your link profile look more natural. Plus, not every search engine's crawlers use the nofollow attribute at all.

In DoFollow Backlinks, there's no need to put 'dofollow' attribute to the html. It would simply look like below.

<a href = "URL">ANCHOR TEXT</a>

But a 'nofollow' link has the nofollow attribution like below.

<a href = "URL rel=nofollow">ANCHOR TEXT</a>

Even-though you put your link without NoFollow attribution, if the posting blog's CSS has designed to convert it into nofollow, then your attempt to create the DoFollow link is wasted. Most of the Wordpress Blogs are NoFollow on its nature. So they are seemed to be useless in terms of backlink building.

If you are interested in buying links or hiring someone in creating backlinks, then you might want to check if a link is DoFollow or NoFollow before getting into any deal. otherwise money, time and all the resources would be wasted. Hence always try to keep track of your backlincks.

MakeLinks Software : Create 140 Backlinks

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MakeLinks works by submitting your domain(s) to websites that create site profile type pages. These pages typically will contain a link on them for your site, so it is free and easy backlinks for you on known and trusted sites for the search engines to find.


You may submit 1 or more domains at a single time with MakeLinks, simply open the to_promote.txt file and put your domains (with NO http:// or www preface) in it, one domain per line. So, for an example if you wanted to submit your site to www.google.com, www.yahoo.com and www.msn.com your list would look like this:
Be sure to leave one blank line after the last domain in your list.


You may add to the list of sites MakeLinks submits to by opening the urls.txt file and using the same url convention as the currently listed sites, i.e.:

create 140 backlinks automatically
Where [URL] will be replaced when MakeLinks runs with the domains of yours that you give the program to submit. Every site that can be submitted to will have it's own URL structure to follow, so just look at how it's made up and follow it, replacing the submitted site's domain with [URL]

After putting the site you want to promote to the to_promote.txt file, save it and run the programme. It will create backlinks and finally it will create an output file called ping_list.txt for you.

You can download the Software Below

What is SEO and why do we need it?

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Most of us have a personal blog or a small website of our own. Apart from that there are websites which are mostly established for commercial purposes. In fact people are creating content, thinking others would read it. But what if your content doesn't go to your readers due to lack of exposure?

Whatever you published, it will eventually be indexed in Search Engines. But if your content is not having enough credentials to ensure the quality to these non human engines, whole your work will be useless. If you inform others that you published something and if they know your web address exactly, then they will come and see the content. In order to inform or publicize your content proper mechanism is needed. This mechanism is known as SEO.

Simply SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

Since Search Engines being non human bots, they use algorithms to calculate the quality of the content, in order to rank your content up in the Search Engines. The ideal way to handle this information is to examine keywords that appear on a particular site. These words are then ranked and stored to fit a particular web search.

Need of SEO
In this situation, the need for SEO occurs. In other words that given the presence of a particular word or phrase on your site there is a higher chance that it will be displayed when people use a search engine.

There are many ways of doing SEO in order to make your site popular and ranked up in the Search Engines. The relevant methods will be explained with examples in future articles.