Are you a Victim of a FB Pornographic Photo Tag?

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Recently one of my friends had a big problem with his facebook account. He is basically not an IT guy. Joined Facebook few years ago and has added few friends all over the world without personally knowing them. He usually surfs internet and checks for updates on facebook on regular basis at the workplace.

One day when he logs into his facebook account at the workplace his wall was full of pornographic images. The girl next to him has already seen these and she has initially misunderstood him as he's watching porn on his office computer. Unfortunately he was unaware of how to remove the facebook photo tags.

Avoid unwanted facebook photo tags
Improving your facebook account's security is the only thing you have to do to get rid from these bad experiences.

Even though there are many security features offered by facebook, most of us are unaware of these facilities. Let's see how we can improve your facebook account's security.

If you can follow the following few methods, you won't probably be worried about your facebook account's security.

First you need to go to Privacy Settings. Then select Edit Settings on the section Timeline and Tagging.

facebook timeline and tagging

Then you will get a box with the properties as shown in the image below. This is where you need to alter for a better privacy. It's better to change "who can post in your timeline" into no one.

facebook tagging properties
The option to review the friend's post would be set as off on default. So you need to set it On. Then you will get a pop up. You need to make it "Enabled" if it is "Disabled" by default. That's all what you need to stop tagging into posts. If anyone tagged you, you will get an instant notification saying you have been tagged by someone. Then you will have the option to approve the tag or decline the tag.

Further, you can follow few guidelines below in order to protect your facebook account as well. May be you have thousands of friends in Facebook. More friends means you are sociable, but on the other hand that means you are more insecure on your privacy.

Tip 1 : Always look at the address bar before logging into facebook. If you are surfing internet in a cyber cafe, this is a must. Look the address bar twice and make sure that the address is, because there may be phishing sites which looks exactly like facebook.

Tip 2 : Avoid logging into facebook as much as possible from public computers. 

Tip 3 : If you got a friend request by a profile with a half naked female picture, surely it is a fake male account. So be careful when adding them as friends and chatting with them. If your facebook account already has such friends then remove them and report. Otherwise block those accounts.

Tip 4 : Avoid clicking any link which you don’t know. Those links will probably direct you to problematic content. Don't authorize your account for unwanted facebook applications.

Tip 5 : Never give your facebook account password to anyone. Be sure to sign out before you leave the computer.
If you can simply follow the above tips, then you can avoid yourself getting in to more troubles.


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