Top 5 Favourite Games of Windows Phone Users

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Windows Phone is not torrent for the games actually but you can find many interesting games that will pass your time when you feel bored. In this techieplaza post I have tried to list the most famous games highly played and loved by all the Windows users. If on your Windows handset, if you haven’t yet downloaded any of the below given game name, then download it and I am sure it will be pretty fun enjoying these games and pass your time smoothly.

1. Toy Story

Toy story is the most famous game of all time for all the windows users. The game is squarely aimed at kids. Apart from kids every age people will also enjoy this game. The game has fascinating theme and 3D graphics. The characters in the game are similar to the Toy Story Universe. You have to play as Buzz Light-year, and you need to throw the bouncy balls at various toy structures and bring them tumbling down. The less number of balls you use, the higher the score you will achieve. Keep doing this trick and cross the 75th level where you will achieve the payback value points and 3 stars even.

2. Gunstringer

Similar to the Temple run, Gunstringer is a never ending running game A skeleton cowboy runs among the snow area and you have to help him against the barriers and obstacles. Collect as many coins and diamonds as possible while running through the roads. I am sure once you will play Gunstringer; you are going to forget playing the temple run. 

3. Royal Revolt

Action game lovers would love the game if some fun and cuteness are added in the action game. In that case user will love to play Royal Revolt. The game is available free for the Windows phone users. The game has beautiful 3D graphics pictures and intuitive touch. In this game you have to find yourself on the other side and violating forces to destroy your opponents and reclaim back your castle. You will be given limited energy to fight and use it in right blend to achieve victory and cross your 58 levels. 

4. Word Gap

If you are a Scrabble lover than this game will surely liked by you. The game is all about to test your vocabulary. You can enter into battle game with at most 3 of your friends and try to win the battle. It also helps in making vocabulary strong. All the Letters in the game are assigned some points. The game starts with the two words given to you and ends with when you finish the game. You also get bonus points on crossing some level that will boost up your points. 

5. City Racing

Everyone would be fond of racing illegally on the road, but you never got a chance. You can now race it in a game “City Racing”. In this game you will be a driver of a very nice sporty car, and you have to compete it in a racing illegally through the city roads. On the roadways, make yourself earning money, prestige, crossing hurdles and add more boosters in your racing car.

How to Prevent Strangers from Following You on Twitter

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Twitter is a social networking site dedicated to bulk. It’s not so much about the quality of your followers. After all, how strong a relationship can you create in under 140 characters at a time? Even so, you don’t want some strangers to follow you. Whether they’re weird or malicious, you want to keep these people as far away from you as possible.

Twitter does have a number of mechanisms in place to prevent such shady characters from clinging to you like a lost puppy, though.

What Types of Strangers are there? 

How to Prevent Strangers from Following You on Twitter
Twitter has a colorful crowd filled with maniacs, obsessive fans, celebrities, and completely average people. Here are some of the strangers you don’t want following you.

The spammer. Spammers are evil. They take any opportunity to send you trash about their latest special offer. Some spammers just go on about the same useless things, such as their children. You don’t want these people taking time away from the Tweeters who matter.

The bot. The bot isn’t really a person. They have pre-made Tweets set into a program. Every so often, they’ll Tweet about something. You can usually tell who the bot is by receiving an automated response each time you send them an instant message. Most of the time, they aren’t dangerous, they’re just pointless.

The carrier. The carrier is a term for the sort of follower who spreads malware. They might be using a bot or it could be a real person. Often, you’ll receive shortened links which take you to a place where your computer becomes infected. The severity depends on the specific carrier.

A Word on Bots 

You shouldn’t fear the concept of a bot completely. Perfectly legitimate users regularly employ bots to streamline the Twitter process. And Twitter doesn’t move to stop them as they don’t break their terms and conditions.

For an example on how it makes the process easier, you can’t thank everyone who follows you. Installing a bot sends an automatic ‘thank you’ when they follow you. Others find it easier to narrow down people with their same interests.

It’s how the bot interacts and whether they offer you anything useful which dictates whether they’re worth your time.


The most widely used anti-spam mechanism is Fake Follower Check from StatusPeople. It allows you to see how many of your followers are fake or inactive. It’s an important add-on if you are trying to sell a product or service.

If you’ve been spammed repeatedly by someone with the same messages, this will reveal the name of the user. You can either report or block them, preferably both.

Each time you report a spammer, Twitter claims they automatically stop them from communicating with and following you. It doesn’t result in a suspension unless a lot of people report the account, though.

Legitimate Follower 

The hardest part of telling whether someone is a real person is to check who is following them. If they only have a limited number of people following them and they are following lots of account, there’s a good chance it’s a bot and you can remove them straight away.

Before doing anything, check to see how many Tweets they’ve made. If it’s a new account, there’s a good chance it’s a new user who just doesn’t have many followers yet.

How to Hide My Tweets? 

You have full control over who can see your Tweets. You can make them private to only your followers. Enable ‘Protect my Tweets’ to do this. Click the gear icon on the Twitter page and navigate to the settings menu. In your account section you’ll find a menu for privacy.

There’s a button which reads ‘Protect My Tweets’, click it and save the changes. Now nobody from outside your circle will be able to see your Tweets.

Most users choose not to do this. If someone can’t see your Tweets they won’t follow you. If you want to gain a bigger audience or potentially Tweet about something which goes viral, you have to make your account visible to the general public.


As a last resort, you can block someone. This will prevent them from reading your posts, following you, and sending an instant message. It isn’t an IP ban, so if they really want to get back in touch with you they can via another account. This isn’t a permanent option. You can unblock them if you want.

Here’s how to block an unwanted user on Twitter:

  1. Click ‘Followers’ on your Twitter page.
  2. Find the user on your list. This might take a while if you have a large audience.
  3. On the left of the ‘Follow’ button you’ll see a ‘Block’ button. Press it and they won’t have any contact with you.

Author’s bio: The guest post is written by Sonia Jackson from She writes essays on different topics and can give you useful advice.

How to Care for Your iPhone

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Proper care for your iPhone is necessary if you want to extend the life of your device. An iPhone that is well taken care of also fetches a good resale value in case you want to sell your device when you buy a new one. Here are ways to take care of your beloved iPhone:

Keep the Software and Apps Updated

If you want your device and apps to work seamlessly, then make sure that you update your iPhone’s software and apps once Apple releases a new update. Apple devices running on older versions of iOS may frequently crash and outdated apps may not work properly. Updates are also released to fix bugs and issues, improve the features and usability of your iPhone and protect your device from security holes so make sure that you upgrade to the newest iOS and use the latest version of your apps.

Protect Your iPhone from Cosmetic Damage 


how to care your iphone
There is more to those Hello Kitty iPhone pouches and brightly colored bumper cases. The iPhone case is not just a fashion accessory; It is also your device’s first line of defense from cosmetic damage in case you accidentally drop your iPhone. Your iPhone’s case can also protect your device in case it comes in contact with sharp objects when you place your device inside your bag or pocket. You should, therefore, invest in an iPhone case if you want to protect your device from physical damage. When shopping around for a case, look for one with a design that you are comfortable with carrying because you won’t probably use an iPhone case that you feel awkward with. You should also consider your usage when shopping around for an iPhone case. If you prefer to carry your phone in your pocket then you probably would not want a bulky case because it can make it difficult to slide your phone into your pocket. You also need to protect your iPhone’s screen from scratches and other damages so invest in a screen protector as well. It is recommended that you replace your iPhone’s screen protector every three months when you clean your device so avoid buying those permanent screen protectors. After all, nothing brings the resale value down more than physical dings. 

Take Good Care of Your iPhone’s Battery

The battery is one of the components of your iPhone that you really need to take care of. You won’t be able to make calls or use your phone at all if you have a damaged battery. Unfortunately, fixing and replacing your battery is not as easy as buying a battery replacement in a gadget store and opening your iPhone yourself. You need to bring your iPhone to an Apple center once the battery breaks down or malfunctions. Proper care should be given to your device’s battery so you can avoid all of the hassles of battery repair and replacement. One way you can do this is to make it a habit to remove your charger once you are done charging. Overcharging your phone on a regular basis can affect the overall life of its battery. You should also avoid storing your iPhone in extremely cold or extremely hot locations because doing so is not good for the battery. If you want to make the most of your iPhone’s battery life, close applications you do not use. If you are done checking your social media feeds, for example, close your social networking apps. If you are using apps provided by RingCentral or other VoIP providers, however, you may want to keep those apps open at all times, in case somebody needs to contact you. 

Author’s Bio: Chiastine Ross, a freelance article writer and contributor who focus more on technology, mainly Gadgets and all the latest trends which are interesting for readers and tech enthusiasts. Her articles are written in collaboration with other Phone Service Providers such as RingCentral. You can reach her though Facebook and Twitter