Top Rated List of Free Anti Malware Cleaners

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Maximum defense for your computer can be given by many ways. There are programmes which give a different kind of a protection than usual anti-virus programmes. You can get the same protection or guard for your computer even without these anti-virus programmes. Or else you can use these with your exiting anti virus software.

These software are commonly known as "Malware Cleaners". The below are the top six popular and trusted programmes.

McAfee Site Advisor
McAfee Site Advisor tool can be used to find out the malware before landing the desired website. With this you can minimize the affection of viruses and malware to your computer. This service is given freely by by McAfee. You can download this and install free at Once Installed you would see a green colour button at the top of your browser. Now when you search through google, yahoo or any other, you will get a detailed pop up in front of every search result.

Malware Removal Tools
Microsoft Safe Scanner
This is a free software released by Microsoft Corporation to scan viruses. You can remove all your computer's malware through this. Once downloaded you can use this for ten days. After that you have to download this again. Hence there's no need for you to update this software. You can download this from

PC Tools Spyware Doctor
This is a simple but a powerful software to find out the rooted malware of your computer.This software not only finds malware but stops their activities. This gives the protection to your web browser too, so that it stops the incoming of malware from the internet. You can download a free version of this software from

This programme has the ability to stop more than a billion malware programmes. This is really easy to use and it's with rootkit removal technology. From you can download the software free.

Spyware Terminator
Spyware Terminator is backed with both spyware removal and anti virus protection. It's database will be automatically updated everyday. Hence the latest information on the new spyware is always there with the programme. You can download a free version of this software from

This is a speedy computer defense tool. This enables to remove each kind of malware from your computer. You can download a free version of this too from


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