Easy trick to add a GoDaddy domain to your Blogspot Blog

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Many blogger users are confused with adding a purchased GoDaddy domain to their blogspot blog. Earlier it was a really complicated thing for a simple blogger as it needed to enter the CNAME Records and A Records at the GoDaddy's domain control panel.

This trick will let you easily register your blog with your preferred domain without much hassle.

Recently Blogger introduced a system for their users to buy from their own domain service at a price of $10. But buying a domain from GoDaddy is really cheap because GoDaddy always come up with different coupon codes.

By applying those coupons would rather make your purchase much cheaper. For an example I bought this domain (www.tricksfinder.com) only for $1.67 by applying their special promotional code.

If you are registered at GoDaddy they will send you newsletters on daily basis or weekly basis informing you what are their promotions. Those promotions are normally coupon codes.

Lets see how a domain is applied to your blogspot blog.

Step 1 : First register a domain at GoDaddy and go to the following Link.

Step 2 : Now you will get a box like in the picture below. In the box type your purchased domain. For an example type it like below and confirm it.

Step 3 : Once you confirmed, GoDaddy will automatically update your DNS records which makes compatible to your blog.

Step 4 : Then you need to update the information in your Blogger accounts settings. Go to,
Settings > Basic
In the the area for "Publishing" click on the link to add a custom domain. Then, click on "Switch to advanced settings."

Step 5 : Then enter the purchased domain in the provided text box and save it. That's all.

Within 24 hours your domain will point to the purchased URL. The older users who has your blogspot domain will be redirected to the purchased domain. Once it is updated see whether the URL without www redirects to your domain. If not just go to publishing and tick on the option to redirect without www to a domain with www. See the below picture to just recap your final steps.

Try this few steps if you got some money to purchase a domain.


after3 Says:

I was just checking out your blog and I like it. a3

Rhodora Says:

I didn't know about GoDaddy at the time I bought my domain name. Will it be the same price when you renew your domain next year?

Tricks Guru Says:

@ Rhodora
No, the first year registration price is normally low if you apply a promotional code. But from 1 st year onwards it's roughly $12.99 for a .com domain. But you can reduce the renewal fees too by various promotional codes.

warayblogger.com Says:

At Blogger, it's only $10.00/year, isn't it? I hope it won't be higher than that. Anyway, I'll cross the bridge when I get there. I still have about 8 months before renewal time. Thanks for the information, by the way.

Couponssam Says:

I love your blog!! So easy to navigate and very imformative! Thanks

Christene Swanepoel Says:

I have done all the steps, but within the blogger publishing tool I only get a fail warning "We are not able to resolve www.example.com" and they provide me with a very long name to enter in the dns that also fail

Tricks Guru Says:

@ Christene Swanepoel
Have you tried this while you are logged into the Godaddy? Send me the details using the Tricks Finder FB fan page or G+ Network. May be I can help you.

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