Google introduces the future Glasses working with your perceptions

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Google Corporation is now moving towards to create futuristic technical tools apart from its general internet service providing. There are two popular tools such as a vehicle which drive without a driver and a pair of spectacles which operates using artificial intelligence.

On 4th of April, the Google Corporation had launched details regarding this glasses/spectacles with a video which displaying how to operate it.

Google Glasses working with your perception
Outer appearance of this spectacles looks like a fashionable one with a rectangular glasses with a micro camera by the side. If you wear it as a normal pair of spectacles, then you can look through that rectangular glass. It displays a big screen which displays the outer environment as a background with lots of icons.

This screen just looks like a touch screen. But it is operated using eye movements. According to the video published by Google, when look upper right corner of the screen it will display a note of the day’s meetings. Then displays the options in detail. If you want to know about day’s evening whether forecast, all you have to do is looking that relevant icon or place on the screen. Then it will display whether report. Also when you receive a message from your friend it will display as a popup on the screen. To reply it you have to do is just read the reply looking at the microphone icon. Then it will type the reply message and send automatically to the recipient.

You can capture a photograph of anyplace or thing when you go outside with wearing this Google spectacle. Then you can share that photograph online through Google Plus.

These spectacles were designed and created by Google X laboratory which is a modern technical lab. This project was named as “Project Glass”.

The Project Glass researchers are argument that there is a need for getting help from others for further develop these spectacles. So the Google corporation will warmly welcome others ideas and opinions.


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