Add a custom Permalink to your Blogspot Blog

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Recently I have experienced that blogger is changing its mechanism and the interface more rapidly. As I feel the main reason behind these changes is to retain the existing blogger users and to compete with wordpress. Most newbie bloggers use blogspot because it is really easy to handle. But when the blogger users gaining the expertise and needing more resources and flexibility, they shift to wordpress.

Hence blogger is adjusting themselves to provide the main features which the existing users are demanding. Now blogger provides many options to the blogger users specially to increase the search engine optimization of the blogger blogs where the early blogger users were complaining of. From those options, one is the introduction of custom permalink to the blogger blog posts.

add a custom permalink to blogspot blog
Permalink is the permanent link address of the web page, shown by the words/text which is in the relevant url. In wordpress you can add any keyword to the permalink, which increases the SEO position of the page. Earlier blogger didn't allow users to change the url as their wish. But now they do.

This can't be done in the normal blogger interface. If you log in to normal blogger interface, you won't be able to see such an option. So you have to go to the below url.

Once you logged in and click on a New Post, you will see the option of permalink. Once you click on it you will see automatic and custom options. In custom url option type your desired permalink.

Don't use spaces between words. Instead use the hyphen "-" for the spaces. You are done.

Note : If you are worried about SEO power of the url, try to target a keyword and add the keyword on the permalink. Then your post will be more worthy to the search engines because that's what most of the people would look for.

This method can be used to manipulate the keywords as well. But make sure that you won't add as much as keywords to the permalink. Try this method on your blogspot blog and feel the difference of the outcome of this new option by Blogger.


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