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I have been registered in an online game site some time ago. Though I was not a frequent player, I used to play on that site time to time as there was many interesting games on it. Few days back I could redeem a $6.5 Amazon coupon code from them free of charge.

The free online game site where I redeemed the coupon code is KadoKado. KadoKado is one of the most popular online game site which has millions of registered players around the world.

Paid to Play Games
In KadoKado, there are about 75 games which were developed by Motion-Twin. They are divided into two main sections called "Puzzle Games" and "Action Games". Everyday you will receive 4 Green Gems. For each Green Gem you can play a game and accumulate the points called "Kado Points". The Kado Points are the coins in Kado Community where you can redeem for the prizes, Amazon coupons etc.

The Kado Points can be earned by many ways. The easiest way to earn points is by fulfilling contracts on each game. For each game you will have a random amount of Kado points. Then you can earn by winning stars in on each game. Then you can earn points by reaching levels as well. On the other hand you can join to a clan and play together to earn clan points at the end of two weeks period.

There are eight levels in each game. At the end of the each period the best players will go to the next level. So that you will always be matched against the same skill level players. Once you reach 30,000 points you can redeem a $6.5 Amazon coupon instant. You can also redeem $20 Coupon for 80,000 points and $65 Coupon code for 250,000 points.

You can also start playing games at KadoKado. the site link is below.

Once you get the code from KadoKado, you can redeem the code at Amazon and it can be used to buy anything at Amazon. Normally it it valid for about 6 months. The below is a screen shot of one of the codes I got.

KadoKado Amazon Gift Card

If you are a game lover, try this. It's really a fun. Have a nice time with KadoKado.


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