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Why people view, even download YouTube content

YouTube as a video sharing platform is widely used by people from all life stages and varied lifestyles. This site is a melting pot of anything and everything which can be rendered in videos or audios. The result then is an array of lifestyle-based usage. The uses of YouTube highly vary from one person to another, gratifying specific needs and wants. Some are content with streaming videos online, while others would find a way, come hell or high waters, to download YouTube videos of their liking.

A Melting Pot of Users 

YouTube - Why People download cntent from youtube
YouTube is perhaps the world’s largest library, archives, record bar, as well as classroom. In this world where content is king, YouTube definitely takes the crown. Admittedly, the users of YouTube are too complex and too diverse to classify. Still, here’s the list of some of the most common YouTube user categories based on lifestyle.

· Trendsetters and Trend spotters. These include both individuals who mean fun and who mean serious business in using YouTube. The trend spotters are those who are in sync 24/7 on what’s trending and what could be trending on YouTube—from music videos, parodies, and any other random content. This user group aims to be the first to spot the next big thing online simply because they live and breathe trends, or because they aim to establish authority in the blogosphere, hence, always be among the earliest adopters. Trend spotters may also be those who work in creative digital agencies. You may expect these individuals to download YouTube videos, which are to be their pegs on the next client pitch.

Trendsetters, in this context, are businesses which leverage social media to get the share of a rather scarce resource: consumer attention. The use of YouTube is purposive on their part, aimed at brand-building, marketing, and advertising.

· Hobbyists.YouTube is a haven for enthusiasts of any special interest, such as baking, wanting to learn a thing or two from tutorials. Spot hobbyists to download YouTube mp3s or videos for the sake of their passion, because the platform contains user-generated content—more useful than books, if you ask them.

· Fanboys and Fangirls. The followers of celebrities are just everywhere. Find them singing or dancing away to their idols’ latest music videos, or defending them against bashers on the comments page.

· Superstar-Elects.With the advent of YouTube, everyone can now become a superstar. An uploaded video or two of a song rendition or dance moves, and anyone can be on the road to stardom—in and out of YouTube. At times, users view and download YouTube covers of these superstar-elects more than of actual music stars.

· New Gen Learners. YouTube is an extension of the classroom to some students. YouTube tutorials are easier to understand than their teachers’ or professors’ lectures that they’d rather listen to or download YouTube videos and mp3s once they get home to catch up on lessons.The video sharing platform offers tutorials on an array of subject areas, as well as case study materials, and audio books.

YouTube is then a community of people with shared, yet diverse lifestyles. It is an inexpensive, yet efficient means to connect with brand consumers, interest groups, fan bases, artists, students, and a range of other groups.

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