Set a password to your computer’s USB ports

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Today's topic is about how to set a password for your computer USB ports. Probably this might be one of the most important topics for most of you. There is a risk that people can take our data through a USB drive if our USB ports are not locked. But if we can put passwords to our USB ports, no one can transfer data from that USB without the correct password.

By following this simple tutorial you will be able to protect your private and very confidential information from anyone because no one can get this information across the USB port.

For this purpose we use special software named as "MyUSBOnly". Let’s talk about features of this software firstly.

Features of MyUSBOnly: 

  • Prevent data loss while you are away from home or computer. 

  • Stop information leakage such as documents, photos and videos. 

  • Prevent un-trusted USB storage devices from various users. 

  • Secretly log all USB connect and disconnect activity. 

  • Get an email notification message when an unauthorized USB storage device is connected to your PC.

Then let’s see how to use it. First what you have install this software to your computer. For that just download this and install the below zipped file which includes a crack if you need to use it lifetime. Otherwise install the trial version. This has been tested by Avira that Crack has no viruses, trojans or malware.

After installing this software you will be able to see a USB icon on system tray of your computer. Double click on it and select “General Setup”.

Then type four zeros (0000) in the field called “Required Password” and click allow. (0000 is a default password in this software and you can change this later if you want.)

After that you can customize your ports as your wish. For a step by step tutorial use the Manufacturers Detailed tutorial with this link.

Make sure you do this simple trick for protect your private information from others.


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