What's the best platform to start a blog?

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Normally the beginners who are going to write a blog will face some questions and difficulties such as can I write a blog for free of charge, how many blog services are available, what is the mostly used blog services, what is the most facilitated blog service available, etc

When you go through these questions one by one you will be able to find two main services available. They are Blogger and Wordpress.com. These two platforms are the most popular among blog writers. 

Now another question might have arisen. That is what the most suitable blog service out of this two is.  This would give you a good analytical answer by comparing the quality of these two services. Here I will do compare between blogger service and wordpress.com service. Do not make confusion on wordpress.com with wordpress.org.


Best One
Ability to change Template
You can do this freely. Can change template layout and CSS as your wish.
You cannot do this free of charge. Should have to pay a fee.
Tutorials/ Help
You can find massive help tutorials through internet.
Less than blogger.
Usable blog themes
You can find many good blog themes/ template through internet freely.
Rare chances on getting good blog themes through internet.
Essential coding parts
Can use HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, and JAVASCRIPT. These are easy to learn.
In addition to HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, and JAVASCRIPT you need the PHP knowledge which is harder than other languages.
The outfit of the dashboard, easiness to use and the speed.
Very simple, easy to use and more speed.
Complex and slower than blogger.
Recommended quantity of themes/ templates and their situation.
Less quantity of themes and are not in good appearance.
Provide nice set of themes over 100, which have really good appearance.
The ability to replace themes/ templates
You can do this replacement freely and many times by using self made theme or an external one.
You can do this only for themes which provide by the wordpress. Cannot use external themes.
Ability to use Widgets and plugins.
Both can use widgets and plugins which provide by the blogger or external party.
Cannot use external plugins.
Comments System
Only has facility to delete a comment under comment moderation. Cannot edit the comments. As well as no spam protection. You cannot reply directly to the comments. That means there’s no threaded/nested commenting facility. There is Captcha facility and can build using external commenting system.  
Can edit comments and has a spam protection. Has threaded/nested commenting facility. And can build using external commenting system. 
SEO optimization
You can do SEO techniques as your wish.
Can use within a limit. This will be change the used theme's Symantec Structure from user’s side.
Blog Privacy
You can limit a one blog for 100 owners and 100 readers. This is allowed for people who has google accounts. You cannot use passwords for the posts.
This will be limit for 35 readers. You can use a password for the post as well as can create post which is visible only for you.
Comment Restriction
This can be limit under the type of google accounts. OpenID account and Anonymous.
This cannot be limited. Any one can post a comment.
Blog Import
A Blog can be import only for another blogger blog. (There are external services available.)
Import can be done for another wordpress blog and for Type pad, LiveJournal, Yahoo!360, MovableType
Posts and Comment Notification
This can be done by using email. Most probably Google Feedburner will use for this purpose.
Same as blogger
Comment Verification
Can be verifying a human by using captcha facility.
There’s no that kind of service.
Video Storage Limit
If you upload a video through this service then allow 16GB. Also can use unlimited service through google video.
Only allow for 3 GB. If you want more then have to pay.
Image storage limit
You can own 1GB size of space through Picasa Web Album.
Only allow for 3 GB. If you want more then have to pay.
File type Storage
Limit for PNG, GIF, and JPEG file type.
Can use PNG, GIF, and JPEG file type. In addition can use ppt, .doc, .odt and .pdf file types.
Blog Stats
Include a system for that purpose. Also can use google analytics service.
Less descriptive compared to blogger. Update will be done after 2 days. Not allowed for the use external services.
Can use advertisement freely.
Cannot use advertisement. If you need you can get this service by paying some fee but a part of the income will be shared by them.
Posts by email
Can be done
Can be done
Post Feed On Mobile Phones.
Will support
Will support

Hope this comparison give a better idea on the difference between blogger and wordpress.com. So it's up to you to select the best blogger service which optimize your requirements.



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This has been really helpful as I have blogger and have been questioning whether to change as everyone I read says Change to Wordpress, you need wordpress etc. This chart has made it really clear for me - thanks and definately staying with blogger. One question is this a blogger or Wordpress site?

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