How to recover a scratched CD?

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We have seen that most of the people who used Compact Disks are now moving toward electronic media devices like USB Drives. But at early days there was no such facilities. So people used to save the data on Compact Disks (CDs). Normally CDs were used to keep saved their memories in photos, videos etc.

But with the CDs getting older, they come up with issues on durability. Most of the CDs are now found with scratches. For an example if we are playing an old Video CD, the videos are not played continuously. They get stuck or not responding accurately. So what if your CD's were found with scratches? How do you recover the data which were on it?

This is simple a way how you can cherish your memories by recovering from those scratched CDs.

Step 1 : First take a soft cloth. Place that cloth on a flat surface. Make sure the cloth is not wet. Place the CD on the cloth.

Step 2 : Now hold the CD on one hand and smoothly wipe the CD with the soft cloth. Give more concern to the starched areas. Don't hold the CD tight. Simply do some short and smooth strokes on the CD along the scratched areas. But don't rub it across the scratched area. This will make the scratches worse.

Step 3 : If you see no scratches wash the CD with some water. Don't wipe it with clothes if it's wet. Let it be dry, now you can play the CD.

You can use some toothpaste too if the scratches are deep.It will remove most of the smaller scratches and more of the deep scratches. But this should also be wiped along the scratch, not across the scratch.


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