Top 5 Favourite Games of Windows Phone Users

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Windows Phone is not torrent for the games actually but you can find many interesting games that will pass your time when you feel bored. In this techieplaza post I have tried to list the most famous games highly played and loved by all the Windows users. If on your Windows handset, if you haven’t yet downloaded any of the below given game name, then download it and I am sure it will be pretty fun enjoying these games and pass your time smoothly.

1. Toy Story

Toy story is the most famous game of all time for all the windows users. The game is squarely aimed at kids. Apart from kids every age people will also enjoy this game. The game has fascinating theme and 3D graphics. The characters in the game are similar to the Toy Story Universe. You have to play as Buzz Light-year, and you need to throw the bouncy balls at various toy structures and bring them tumbling down. The less number of balls you use, the higher the score you will achieve. Keep doing this trick and cross the 75th level where you will achieve the payback value points and 3 stars even.

2. Gunstringer

Similar to the Temple run, Gunstringer is a never ending running game A skeleton cowboy runs among the snow area and you have to help him against the barriers and obstacles. Collect as many coins and diamonds as possible while running through the roads. I am sure once you will play Gunstringer; you are going to forget playing the temple run. 

3. Royal Revolt

Action game lovers would love the game if some fun and cuteness are added in the action game. In that case user will love to play Royal Revolt. The game is available free for the Windows phone users. The game has beautiful 3D graphics pictures and intuitive touch. In this game you have to find yourself on the other side and violating forces to destroy your opponents and reclaim back your castle. You will be given limited energy to fight and use it in right blend to achieve victory and cross your 58 levels. 

4. Word Gap

If you are a Scrabble lover than this game will surely liked by you. The game is all about to test your vocabulary. You can enter into battle game with at most 3 of your friends and try to win the battle. It also helps in making vocabulary strong. All the Letters in the game are assigned some points. The game starts with the two words given to you and ends with when you finish the game. You also get bonus points on crossing some level that will boost up your points. 

5. City Racing

Everyone would be fond of racing illegally on the road, but you never got a chance. You can now race it in a game “City Racing”. In this game you will be a driver of a very nice sporty car, and you have to compete it in a racing illegally through the city roads. On the roadways, make yourself earning money, prestige, crossing hurdles and add more boosters in your racing car.


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In this techieplaza post I have tried to list the most famous games highly played and loved by all the Windows users. cell phone range extender

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