How to Care for Your iPhone

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Proper care for your iPhone is necessary if you want to extend the life of your device. An iPhone that is well taken care of also fetches a good resale value in case you want to sell your device when you buy a new one. Here are ways to take care of your beloved iPhone:

Keep the Software and Apps Updated

If you want your device and apps to work seamlessly, then make sure that you update your iPhone’s software and apps once Apple releases a new update. Apple devices running on older versions of iOS may frequently crash and outdated apps may not work properly. Updates are also released to fix bugs and issues, improve the features and usability of your iPhone and protect your device from security holes so make sure that you upgrade to the newest iOS and use the latest version of your apps.

Protect Your iPhone from Cosmetic Damage 


how to care your iphone
There is more to those Hello Kitty iPhone pouches and brightly colored bumper cases. The iPhone case is not just a fashion accessory; It is also your device’s first line of defense from cosmetic damage in case you accidentally drop your iPhone. Your iPhone’s case can also protect your device in case it comes in contact with sharp objects when you place your device inside your bag or pocket. You should, therefore, invest in an iPhone case if you want to protect your device from physical damage. When shopping around for a case, look for one with a design that you are comfortable with carrying because you won’t probably use an iPhone case that you feel awkward with. You should also consider your usage when shopping around for an iPhone case. If you prefer to carry your phone in your pocket then you probably would not want a bulky case because it can make it difficult to slide your phone into your pocket. You also need to protect your iPhone’s screen from scratches and other damages so invest in a screen protector as well. It is recommended that you replace your iPhone’s screen protector every three months when you clean your device so avoid buying those permanent screen protectors. After all, nothing brings the resale value down more than physical dings. 

Take Good Care of Your iPhone’s Battery

The battery is one of the components of your iPhone that you really need to take care of. You won’t be able to make calls or use your phone at all if you have a damaged battery. Unfortunately, fixing and replacing your battery is not as easy as buying a battery replacement in a gadget store and opening your iPhone yourself. You need to bring your iPhone to an Apple center once the battery breaks down or malfunctions. Proper care should be given to your device’s battery so you can avoid all of the hassles of battery repair and replacement. One way you can do this is to make it a habit to remove your charger once you are done charging. Overcharging your phone on a regular basis can affect the overall life of its battery. You should also avoid storing your iPhone in extremely cold or extremely hot locations because doing so is not good for the battery. If you want to make the most of your iPhone’s battery life, close applications you do not use. If you are done checking your social media feeds, for example, close your social networking apps. If you are using apps provided by RingCentral or other VoIP providers, however, you may want to keep those apps open at all times, in case somebody needs to contact you. 

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