The Correct Way of Cleaning a Computer

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Most of us are unaware of cleaning a computer in the safest way. The following are the steps which needs to clean your computer in correct manner.

Tip 1 : You should not use any other liquid except for water or Rubbing Alcohol when you clean your computer's the monitor and casing . Strong alcoholic liquids may cause the colours to be fade. Also you should not use these strong alcoholic liquids for circuits.

Tip 2 : To clean the keyboard you can use a small piece of cloth which consists of 90% isopropyl alcohol. Then you can clean your keyboard with that piece of cloth. If you want, you can remove keys in the keyboard by using a screwdriver. Then you can clean and fix it again. Here also you should not use alcohol which goes under the category of Ethyl.

Tip 3 : You can clean your computer by using a Vacuum cleaner. But here you should not connect vacuum cleaner to the direct current. Because the electromagnetic sphere which generate inside the vacuum cleaner will cause to harm your computer’s internal components. But there is no such fault in using a vacuum cleaner which generates power using batteries. Apart from that you can remove dust on computer’s internal components by using compressed air flow. For this purpose you can use a compressed air can which is available in the market. It will remove dust by using it’s air flow. Also you can use a hair dryer which does not pass hot air.

Tip 4 : When cleaning cooling fans should not allow them to rotate and must be open for vacuum or compressed air to access it. To stop rotation of cooling fans can insert a folded paper strip or can apply a small piece of plaster to in it. This is because if the cooling fan is rotating then it will generate a power. This will be harmful for motherboard and power supply unit. Also anything which uses for clean a computer should not be sprayed or poured to the computer components. They should be used with a piece of cloth.

Tip 5 : Keeping your computer clean is a good operating habit. The computer system will become dirty soon if it is open to the air and dust or having meals when using computer.


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