Trick to Check the Computer's overall Specification

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Most of us are not aware on the computer's overall specification. Most of the users doesn't even know what the speed of their computer. The computer's specification is much needed when it comes to install a new software or a game. Most of us face the problem of inability to identify the hardware version when we need to install software drivers after the format of the operating system.

If your computer is a bit old and if your motherboard CD's have been misplaced, or the installed drivers are not working proper, what we do is just searching the software drivers through the Google Search. But there are a lot of results pointing various downloads with various versions for the similar Brand. Hence we have to be specific on what the software version. Some people just type "dxdiag" at the "Run" of your windows Operating System and find out some information. But most of the detailed information can't be revealed from that command.

If you have a catalog of your motherboard, then you can extract most of the details of the hardware configuration. But for each hardware you have to go through the catalog.

This software's name is SysSpec. With this software, you don't have to go through manuals and catalogs searching for versions. You can get the details directly from one click. You don't have to install this software too. SysSpec is a portable application where you can get details at any computer. Once you double click the software you will get all the relevant information regarding your computer. You can download the software below.



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