Steal your Friend’s Information using his/her IP address

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In this post I’m going to explain about how to copy other person’s IP addresses using a your own web site and the way of getting real personnel computer information such as internet service provider, type of services, what are the cookies, used web browsing software, computer language, his or her home place and country, the previous web site which is browsed, his or her operating system and the time of the computer.

This is not a black-hat trick. Just an innocent trick to get the details. First you want to your own website for that. If yet you don’t have a website you can use to create a web site. Otherwise you can use your own website for this purpose.

Next go to this web site

and create your own account by filling fields called Email address, website and Password. Also select your timezone because data is stored in only one timezone. Then verify your account by entering your email.

In your mail inbox you can see a java script. Copy that script and go to your website and add this script in to gadgets. That's it in terms of integrating script with your website. Once you have completed that step, go to the following URL. 

and login your just created account. After that send your website address to person which you want to get details. After confirming that person will enter your site then enter your account at 

and you can see the above mentioned information of your friend. Hope this trick works for you.


sanjith Says:
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sanjith Says:
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mano Says:

Informative blog useful for those who dont know anything about how find the ip address of a person or friend online ..I followed the steps which you mentioned here and found the ip address of one victim online ..After finding the ip address i easily traced his location just by doing ip search for that ip address through sites like they will display details like ip location ,net name ,address and so on but can't trace the exact home address from ip address i can collect only their ISP details from ip address ....

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