iPhone VPN's Importance and How to Configure an iPhone's VPN

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Your iPhone is not just the phone, it helps you in many different ways such as communication with your friends, and it manages your daily tasks. Many useful and important things can be bought through this phone. For you iPhone, you must have a system that maintain the security and privacy settings and it could also maintain the filter systems of your iPhone. So, here is the solution to this problem which we call it “Virtual Private Network" (VPN).

We shall first understand that what a VPN basically is? The security level of your internet connection increases by VPN. Therefore, the circulation of data becomes absolutely safe and secure.


You can use this feature of VPN in your iPhone also just like in computers. You would be able to use internet on your phone very easily. It doesn't allow the third party to enter into your phone to create some problem in communication and in browsing. This VPN for iPhones also block hackers who try to hack your email and your important personal data. This VPN for iPhone is very essential and has become necessary for the iPhone users. WiFi technology has become popular everywhere, where ever you go, you find WiFi connection which helps you to have internet access any time but most of the people who use this feature are hackers. So, if you are using internet through WiFi without having a VPN, these hackers can easily see what website you are browsing and if you have browsed some important website just like your bank account or where you put some personal data they can easily get an access to those websites.

Just because of these severe attacks by hackers and mismanagement in the security, this VPN feature has introduced in the Iphone. Now your data would be secured and you can have access to internet anywhere at any time. By using this feature in your phone, No one will be able to see what you are browsing, downloading on internet. The efficiency of your iPhone can be increased by implementing VPN. You can do your any work without any kind of risk. 

Steps to Configure VPN on an iPhone: 

VPN's are used in an organization to communicate private information securely. Some steps must be followed to use VPN on iPhone.

  • Go into the settings options> General> Network>VPN and then select "Add VPN configuration" for IOS 7, the VPN menu can be found directly under settings> General.

  • You must ask your network administration that which setting you use, if you don't know. 

  • The option for turning VPN on ‘off appears in the main screen when the VPN configuration has created once you are connected the VPN icon comes in the status bar. 

Tips and Warnings:

If you are using more than one VPN configuration, you could switch between the configuration by moving to settings>General>Network>VPN.
If a same VPN have set upon your computer. Same VPN have set upon your computer same VPN settings can be used for your device.

Author Bio: The article is written by Uzma Parveen who loves to describe the necessity of iPhone VPN service for internet users.


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