Top five areas for SEO Expert to look upon for Website Performance After Penguin Panda Update

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In the world of Search Engine Optimization, the procedure of SEO has all the time been a complicated business. The experts need to have all sorts of knowledge regarding SEO in order earn success, or in other words, traffic to the website for which he or she is working on. They need to perform research on keywords through using the best ways. Besides, they always have to be ready for any sort of changes those are made by the top search engines like Google or any other.

Website performance after Panda and Penguin Update

The Penguin and Panda Update

Actually all of us in the SEO world have seen that the Search monster Google, in the last year, made two most important changes with the updates of their algorithm names Panda and Penguin. As a result, many of the successful sites have lost their top ranking because of the new rules imposed by the search master Google.

This change is regarding the way Google’s spider use to recognize and rank a site. In the following, we have discussed about the top 5 areas where the SEO experts need to emphasis for the website performance after the Penguin and Panda update.

1.  Well Written Content:

Now, the Google spider has the ability to check if the content of a site is written badly or not; if there is grammatical or spelling mistakes or if the site is full with too many ads. This change has made the SEO specialists to think more on the quality of the content more than before. Now, you cannot just fill bluff keywords on your site rather you need to make high quality content with no grammar or spelling mistake because it means a lot to hold the top ranking in the organic search result.

2.  The Freshness of the Content: 

 Now-a-days, it is a must to add fresh content into your website. It means you need to add new content on your website frequently in order to keep your place in the competition. There are actually 3 important areas regarding the freshness of the content which include the trending topics like the innovation of the new technologies, the prominent events like the Olympic and the most recent time of the addition of a new content.

3.  The Uniqueness of the Content: 

Uniqueness of the content
After the Penguin Panda update, now it needed to give focus on keeping only the unique content on your website. Please remove all the duplicate content you have on your website and start updating the site with new and totally unique content, if you really want to see your site at the top place.

4.  Be Social: 

Now, it is more important to make your site social since it has become a powerful instrument after the Penguin Panda update. The search master Google now checks how your site is interacting with the social media. But, in this case, please never try to use any bot to perform such activities because Google will identify that and you will be penalized for that.

5.  Stay Away From The Technical Faults: 

At the present time, you need to give more focus on the validity of the CSS codes and the Meta tags. You can just fill your site with bluff templates or flash rather give emphasis on providing a standard and definite architecture to your website. This will help the Google crawler to crawl the information and data of your web page.

So if you want a good Ranking then you have to follow the above mentioned points to fight penguin and Panda update otherwise your sites will be penalized.

Authors Bio :- This article is written by Jennifer Desouza. She is passionate about her work of content writing. She is writing on blogging tips, technology, SEO tricks and trends, Panda and penguine update, web design and development. She is awesome graphic designer also.


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