How to choose the Right Online Data Storage Service

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Every organization has an essential need of backing up data which is absolutely vital to maintain the integrity of their data. In rare aspects, when users who do not focus to maintain back up data are highly at risk of losing access to the important information due to any incident such as; hardware failure, file error and corruption, disasters , viruses and deletion. Now, when there are more reliable, managed, cost effective and long term backup services are available through online backup services. Users are safe as their data integrity is managed and saved over the cloud.

Selecting the reliable and safe backup service is a point to wait and think before selection. Various data storage services offers different features in their services therefore, before availing and investing, make sure that this cloud storage service meets your organizational needs. To analyze the services and your needs, it is important to understand that what are the different services and compare them with your requirements, then check whether they can fulfill your requirements or not.

Choosing the right online data storage service for your needs is a very crucial aspect, especially when you are planning to upload highly important and sensitive data that cannot afford loss. Therefore, make your needs and requirements clear before the decision process:

  • Cost Effective - Your finances should prior analysis before choosing an online data storage service. Selecting an unaffordable service may cause to have a transfer of all your backed up data to another service provider over a short notice. This process may be very time consuming but if it is not completed on time it can raise the risk of data loss. 

  • Data Security - If an online data storage services does not mention about how they keep your uploaded, downloaded, and stored data safe, be sure not to subscribe for their services. Many services will encrypt data by 128-bit SSL encryption, as it is an industry standard. For more high protection, 256-bit SSL encryption is better choice and data encryption of 448-bit Blowfish is also recommendable. 

  • Storage space - An unlimited online data storage service will be ideal if the organization have large amount of data to store is expected to grow. 

  • Location – Locate the company’s data center. It should be located at 50 to 100 to 100 miles from your desired location. This will prevent the organization backed up data from any natural disaster. 

  • Automated backups - Backing up your data options should include an automated backup being created any time a file is modified and saved locally. This assures that your data will always be updated and stored. Data should be ideally backed up across multiple servers at the company’s data servers. 

  • System Compatibility - Some services requires downloading some additional software to your system in order to maintain consistent backup. This software is usually not compatible with all operating systems.

  • History - Services that have proven to be safe by sticking around with a good security service and reputation for a number of years are more likely to select for business needs. 

  • 24/7 customer service –The vendor must provide access to a customer care service around the clock. This can assure that you can avail technical assistance when you need. 

  • Reliability - Be sure to select a service that offers you to access your data 99.9%, when you are connected with the internet. Vendors should provide money back guarantee if they do not fulfill the advertised standards. 

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