Best five VPNs for iPhone

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A man walks with an attitude if he has his awesome iPhone with the IOS running on it. He sometimes realizes that it quite unsafe when he uses it in a crowdie place or public WiFi spot. People can see you whatever you are doing. This is the major reason for which a VPN is used for your iPhone. To use some websites or apps you have to be appeared in a different country, for that you must have to connect via a VPN other then your country.

In most of the countries, there is some kind of restrictions on internet traffic just like China. Therefore, you must have a VPN to access some specific websites like Face book or Twitter. In these countries you can’t have an access to your internet with a VPN.

Best 5 VPNs for iphone
So, which VPN is the best? It is now very difficult to decide it because there are over 100 VPN services. We have checked loads of these companies and after examining we have very carefully recorded that which features they have got. So, we can easily help you out deciding the best one. The services that we are going to recommend you are compatible with all current software of Apple OS.

So, here we are going to provide you with a brief description about each service provider.


Pure VPN is a great in the list. The total number of customers they have is 10,000 which is I think a very large number; there is a solid reason for having a good number of customers. They work professionally and always provide with high quality. The speed of software is extremely high that’s why you will never get disappointed.

These service providers are Hong Kong based. They have categorized there packages into standard and unlimited, the standard package costs $ 4.16 per month and the unlimited package costs you $ 18. But, if upfront is paid for a year, you will get 38 off ultimately. These prices would never go in vein. You will get the best quality against the prices.

You would also be getting a chance to earn points in a reward scheme in order to get some free usage of VPN as well.


HideMyAss is an extremely high in the list. They are considered to be at number 2. It is very easy and smooth to use the software; you could easily set up a VPN on your iPhone. They are one of those companies who offer latest compatibility for IOS.

They have set a variation in setting up the prices depending upon for how long you are going to buy, but if the upfront is paid it will be as low as $6 a month and this is not just for the iPhones, you can use any device with that.

Strong VPN:

Strong VPN is based in San Francisco and they have got a place of number three in the list. They have more than 300 servers all over the world. One disadvantage is that they are based in the US, so they record what you do, but for the iPhone they are extremely great. They are bound to be strong on US servers, if some one needs a US IP and location. Here is the strong VPN for you.


IB VPN is not a recommended service provider for Apple users, the design of their website and software is slightly frightful for the Apple users. But if we talk about their features and functions, they are extremely great.

They are considered to be the cheapest VPN. So if you don’t have any problem with the design, then feel free to sign up.

Express VPN:

Express VPN is very highly recommended by the people who use it, the features that are offered by them are quite few as compare to the price they ask for it. But they can provide you with some excellent tutorials about how to use them on iPhone. So, you can just follow them to set it up.

Author Bio: The article is written by Uzma Parveen who loves to describe how to get iPhone VPN for internet users.



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