Tweaking your Router for Better Voice over Internet Protocol and Video Performance

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Multimedia data streamed through IP networks is starting to become a very important and effective form of communication. Cell phone and computer program developers realizing the public’s growing preference for Internet channeled calls and video streams are quick to capitalize on this development. Hence, the latest computers are maximized for Voice over Internet Protocol applications and mobile phones are capable of accessing Internet signals with the help of the Wi-Fi technology.

With the advent of VoIP, taking a business to the next level is no longer as difficult as it was when the most reliable form of communication was the traditional telephone. Apart from being inexpensive, the Voice over Internet Protocol also provides other services like sending video, audio streams and text messages.

For your business there are two Voice over Internet Protocol service options you can choose from - the hosted or the self-managed Voice IP. In case you choose the self-managed, then, there are a few things you must know to get optimum performance from your Voice IP and other applications.

It is fortunate that you can usually enhance the quality of your interactive media by simply clicking on web page interface which permits access to the firmware of your router.

Apply Basic Router Tweak Tricks

Routers manage the flow and volume of traffic from many devices integrated into your computer. For example, if you are not getting the performance you want from your virtual phone, you can improve it by tweaking your router to ensure the application is getting adequate bandwidth.

Quality of Service Method

Adjusting the router to give an application the right amount of bandwidth can be performed through a method known as Quality of Service (QoS). You can do this by merely choosing a category (applications, voice, games) in your router program giving it the bandwidth range you see fit. This method is the simplest and most convenient.

In case your router does not have the QoS settings, you can still prioritize traffic through it by using the Media Access Code of a device or network name or the name of the network, for example MainPC or MyPhone, or Internet Protocol address.

IP addresses assigned by the DCHP server of a device sometimes change and your router may not have the capability to detect these changes. Using the MAC address to adjust bandwidth and improve application performance is often the best option.

QoS is performed by Routers by packet sniffing which employs hardware to detect which computer ports data passes through. Once the sniffing is completed, you can then prioritize the kind traffic you want.

Port Forwarding Method

A port is an assigned destination which can be a particular application or protocol. To illustrate, when data is received by your router they are forwarded to ports. You can adjust an application’s performance by port forwarding which sends all data passing through a port to a device. This device manages the received data. This method is very effective because it frees the router for other important tasks.

Optimizing Voice IP and Video

Voice IP is not actually bandwidth intensive. Still, optimizing its performance is rather tricky because traffic runs in two directions. A few Voice IP phones use a router that is placed between your router and modem. For tweaking, though, experienced users will place the phone behind their router and use QoS method or port forwarding.

Streaming any multimedia, especially HD video, is bandwidth intensive. A lot of times, you get tired waiting for the video to play. You can perform tweaking through QoS by putting your video on the highest setting in your router. Some of the newer routers have proprietary video-streaming features. Enable them. You can also try enabling WMM that helps virtual video.

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