How to create a strong Password

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People who work with computers, keep their private things away from others by encrypting them with a password. But with the development of black-hat hacking methods, those developers has come up with strong software which can crack or find out people's passwords within a shorter time period.

A more secured password means a password which takes a long time for crackers and hackers to identify your password. Passwords which are generated by password generators are the most vulnerable in personal security.

Hence this is a small step by step tutorial for you to develop a strong password which others can't even guess.

Step 1 :  First think of a book or a sentence where you can remember well. For an example lets take. "My home town is London". When you take the first letters of the words in this, you get "mhtil".

Step 2 : Then you can add some values or codes to the above generated code as you wish. If there's "a" you can simply substitute "@". If there's "i", you can use "1" instead of "i" or simply you can use "!" for "i" which appears like upside down "i". For an example we can change the above password (mhtil) to "mht!l".

Step 3 : Now you can change the password a bit more. For an example if your age is 21, you can change it to "mht!l21" or "21mht!l". Or further if this password is for gmail, you can add "g" or if it's for yahoo, you can add "y". Then it would look like

Gmail - gmht!l21 or g21mht!l
Yahoo - ymht!l21 or y21mht!l

Step 4 : Forgetting password is a common thing among most of us. But writing down your password somewhere is a useless thing because it is more likely to go for someone. The best way to remind this is to write down the hint. For an example you can make the hint as "London" or "Hometown". Once you get the hint, you would remember the sentence, "My home town is London". Then you will remember the word "mhtil". If its a gmail, you would remember it as "gmht!l" etc accordingly.


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