A Trick to Get Continuous $0.01 to Your OKPAY Account

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There is a huge boost recently in terms of the sales in retail e-stores. Apart from the Paypal, other online payment processors too have become increasingly popular in current e-market. While Paypal, Alertpay, Liberty Reserve, Moneybookers (Skrill) are acting as market leaders, OKPAY has also come into the action with their innovative features.

OKPAY is popular among people due to their money exchange facilities. In other words, OKPAY is the only payment processor which allows people to deposit money from other payment processors.

Earlier they had the possibility of depositing money from Alertpay and Liberty Reserve. But now they have be disabled. But one plus point is for OKPAY is their debit card. It is one of the best ways to withdraw money from any ATM worldwide. This trick for getting $0.01 is an option offered by their approved money exchanger OK-Change.

The simple way of getting this free $0.01 is simple. First go to the link below.


Then you would find a text-box provided to input the rate saying, "Enter our rate of exchange of OK EUR for OK USD:" There you have to input the relevant exchange rate for the day from the below link.


For an example the relevant exchange rate would show like "1 OK EUR = 1.32241 OK USD". In the text box provided you have to input the rate as in the red coloured amount in the example. Then provide your OKPAY Account no (ex: OK952281XXX), solve the captcha code and get the bonus. Once you did the process correct you'll get a message saying, "Congratulations!!! Your bonus (0.01 USD) has been successfully credited to your OKPAY wallet."

That's it. Now you got $0.01 to your OKPAY Account. This trick can be done every three days. Every time you do this, you get $0.01 to your OKPAY Accont. Further if you are interested in exchanging money, you can get a 5% discount on the exchange fees from OK-Change by simply applying the OK Change Bonus Code.

The OKPAY Exchange Bonus Code is 210177


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