KidZui : Web Browser Made for Children

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In the internet most web browsers, search engines and other web services are basically made for adults. Due to that reason there is no any specific service yet only for kids apart from adults even though kids can get massive benefits through internet. Because of that parents cannot allow for their kids to use internet as they wish. But today there is a special creation which parents can obtain a greater relief from that matter. That is a web browser which specifically made only for kids. It’s named as Kidzui. This can be downloaded free from their official website.

After installing this Kidzui web browser in your kid’s computer then parents can allow them to do their works freely in internet. This web Brower doesn’t make as open internet. So it allows going only 800000 selected websites which is recommended as suitable for kids. This web site list will be extended day by day. The important point is the web sites that can be browse through Kidzui were selected by Parents, teachers and other social groups. Also all of these selected web sites were personally checked by Kidzui company’s staff. Therefore the selected web sites were highly recommended as suitable for age between 03 to 12 kids.

Through this Kidzui web browser, the web sites will be displaying as a little image in their web site’s cover page. Also these web sites will be line up as category wise. When selecting the one category out of all these categories then it displaying relevant web site. Now kid can visit to that web site. The kid, who is using kidzui everyday, can be represented as a virtual character called as zuis. Then he or she can share information with another kid. But this list of zuis is not popular. The kid should request this zuis list when he or she meets another kid actually. Therefore there is no any chance for kid to keep a relationship with unrecognized persons through internet.

The kid cannot download this Kidzui web browser to his or her computer lonely. One of parent should download it to the computer. In there the parent’s information should give to the Kidzui. Because to send a report to the parents by mentioning what kind of web sites the kid browse and what kind of service the kid get when he or she using Kidzui.


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