What is meant by Domain Hijack?

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Simply the web address can be introduced as a domain name. After the domain name registered under a person’s name, then the domain name should be renewed before it gets expire or before domain name seller cancel it’s ownership. If the ownership of domain name needs to be transferred, then it should be transferred via the domain registrar with the permission of first owner of domain name during right time period.

Getting the ownership of the domain name without any permission of its owner is called domain hijack. The  hijacked domain can be used accordingly to necessity of person who hijacks the domain. These domain hijackers acts same as the real owner of domain name by informing he or she forgot the password for the domain name they registered. Then domain register inquire information about the domain. The answers are compared with the details given when registering the domain name earlier. If the given information suit with each other then a new password will be given.

This domain hijack is not that hard because of the majority entered simple and fake information when registering domain names. Sometimes this entered information will be easily forget later. On the other hand the people who are specialized in domain hijacking can easily guess these information.

Somehow the ownership of the hijacked domain name can be acquired again by it's real owner. For that the real owner has to verify his ownership to the domain name registered company. The verification process might require the owner to provide credit or debit card numbers used for payment or the information that request by the company itself.


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